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Over £230,000 donated to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools since January 2018
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John Warner School Gets Boarded Up!

We were very pleased to award John Warner School an Effective Learning Minor Award to fund 6 class-sets of mini whiteboards.

We are always impressed when schools find practical and efficacious methods of putting learning theory into everyday classroom practice.   In John Warner’s case, Rosenshine’s principles were being focussed upon, in particular his suggestions for guided practice.  As Simon Robinson, Head of Mathematics wrote:


The basis of the teachers’ whole class input is about breaking steps down into manageable chunks and assessment. We want teachers to explain a process in its entirety, follow this up with an example using pupil input which would be done via the mini whiteboards for the whole class and then an individual pupil’s whole class example on one of the larger whiteboards in the class.”


We are also keen to promote staff becoming specialists and then passing down their skills to other members of the school.  John Warner have a member of staff who OFSTED have  praised for her use of mini whiteboards and so they are planning for her to deliver CPD to the whole maths faculty once they have the equipment in place.


I’ll give the last word to Simon on the benefits of mini whiteboards:


The mini whiteboards would allow for all pupils to engage with a given question. This would allow for consolidation of a skill or as a quick assessment of the understanding gained during a lesson. Generally we try to differentiate a task to the needs of the pupils. Mini-whiteboards allow for a teacher to get a much clearer picture of the needs of the class in front of them. We can then give direction to the pupils where to start to seek a suitable level of challenge.”

Chauncy Get Kitted Out

We are very pleased to grant Chauncy School a PE Minor award for new football and basketball kit.

As Marrissa Mason, Head of PE, told us, the two sports have been going from strength to strength at Chauncy recently:


In the last two years we have focused on improving our extra curricular clubs and teams and for the first time in 12 years our year 9 boys have been entered into the county league for basketball and our year 8 boys are at a good enough standard to compete nationally. Our year 8 boys have won their first game and are through to the second round of the national cup. However, our kits are in desperate need of an upgrade and students are wearing kits that are 10 years old!”


Judging by the 10-year life of their existing strip, Chauncy will certainly tick our longevity of benefit box.  The new kits will help celebrate the players’ rapid improvement and give them an even greater sense of pride and confidence when competing at these higher levels for years to come.

Haileybury Turnford Have a Clear Vision!

We were very pleased to award Haileybury Turnford an Effective Learning Award to fund four visualisers – one for each core department in the school.  As Danielle Newman, Director of Teaching and Learning, put it:


The award would benefit my students greatly - It would help students to learn better as teachers would be able to model examples using the visualiser and they would be able to share students work. It would hopefully improve students’ outcomes in the long-run. All students within the school would benefit as every department would be able to use one and this could be shared amongst the staff.”


We are always very excited to help schools implement one or more effective learning techniques, especially when those methods will benefit a large number of pupils.  Reviewing and improving on work done and modelling outstanding examples is extremely useful for learning and, with the wide range of other uses visualisers can facilitate (e.g. close-up experiments and text-book displays), we thought this was a great project for us to support.

Rickmansworth Table a Strong Bid.

Edufund UK are delighted to award Rickmansworth School a PE Minor Award to fund 5 table tennis tables and equipment. 

The PE department ran a student voice surveying what students would prefer to help enrich their PE experiences.  As Rafferty Gunn, Head of PE wrote in his application:


"The results came back that students would love the opportunity to participate in table tennis. We are looking at ways to get all students active and I fundamentally believe the money would increase participation for both boys and girls."


The tables will be used in lessons and afterschool clubs and encourage students to participate in local tournaments where there is some strong competition.



Hello David,

 I just wanted to share how happy the students are with the tables. They've created a buzz around P.E and some rivalries amongst staff!!  (See Photo)

 Thank you!


Roving reporters create tablet tabloids at Chauncy!

We were very pleased to award Chauncy School an Effective Learning award for 5 tablet computers for their school reporters club which draws pupils from across the key stages.  As Laura Saunders, Head of Media Studies, put it:

“Having tablets will enable students to be mobile and report on news around the school. Be able to film, take photos and instantly edit and upload them… It will give students from all year groups a chance to collaborate together and develop their confidence and awareness of the media, technology, using editing software and be able to record live footage and interviews to upload instantly.”


We thought the skills of note-taking, selecting, editing and mixing media to pass on information or make an argument and collaboration were excellent effective learning skills that can be used in many areas of the curriculum and “real life”.  The awareness of how news is gathered and reported and assessing its possible biases are also extremely valuable in these days of unregulated social media and “fake news”.

Parmiter’s promote performance under pressure!

We had to think very hard about Parmiter’s Effective Learning bid for First Aid Training to all Year 9 students.  The project did not easily fit into our Effective Learning criteria, but we were keen to award the money if possible as you can’t put a price on saving a life and First Aid is such an important life-skill for people of any age to have.

We decided that First Aid training’s practical, hands-on learning experience, coupled with developing teamwork and the confidence to think calmly and clearly under pressure were effective learning skills that could be applied to other areas of the curriculum as well as to this vital knowledge and skill base.

Saving a life also ties in with the school's motto:  nemo sibi nascitur - do unto others as you would have them do unto you (yes, I had to Google the translation).

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