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Over £375,000 donated to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools since January 2018
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Secondary Minor Awards 2020/21

Secondary Minor Awards 2020/21

(√ designates that a school has been awarded a grant in that focus area - click for details)

Barnwell       Presdales       
Batchwood     √    Highfield      
The Reach Free         Chancellor's   √   
Sele          Haileybury Turnford      
Katherine Warrington          Longdean       
Ridgeway Academy         Roundwood Park        
Goffs         Amwell View      
Goffs-Churchgate         The Reach Free School    
Chauncy       Thomas Alleyne Academy  √    
Hitchin Boys       Knightsfield  √  
Herts and Essex       Nicholas Breakspear  √ √   
John Warner    √   Townsend  √ √   
Parmiter's       Broxbourne   √   

Secondary Minor Awards - Summer 2021 Roundup

Wow - what a busy summer we've had!  Here's a summary of the secondary minor awards we have awarded...

Thomas Alleyne Acacemy   PE   5 Pro Fitness exercise bikes
Herts and Essex PE Power assisted treadmil.
Hitchen Boys PE Multi-sport inclusive equipment pack
Knightsfield STEM   2 Polaroid 3D printers
Knightsfield PE Multigym machine and dumbells
Nicholas Breakspear STEM  Ultimaker 2 Go 3D Printer
John Warner STEM      VEX robotics equipment
Townsend STEM  5 V-Log8 Bluetooth Data Loggers
Nicholas Breakspear PE   Cricket cage and stumps
Parmiter's PE   Football kits
Townsend PE Volleyball sets, balls and swim floats   
John Warner EL DNA investigation equipment
Broxbourne STEM Greenhouse, shed and watter butts
Goffs Churchgate STEM STEM program and club resource/training
Roundwood Park EL Electricity practical equipment

Chauncy’s science department remains static!

We were pleased to award Chauncy School a STEM award for a new Van De Graaff generator, Joule meters, ph meters and power packs.  Michele O’Hanlon (Science Teacher) explained the need for the Van de Graaff

 “Unfortunately during lockdown, mice got into one of our storage cupboards and have pretty much destroyed all the non metal parts of the Van de Graaff. We have tried to repair / replace the destroyed non metal parts to no avail. The Van de Graaff is the 'show stopper' part of any of our lessons / commitments and projects.”

She went on to help us understand the wide range of topics the equipment is needed for: 

“Forensic science sessions

Environmental / ecology sessions
Pharmaceutical product preparation
Toiletry manufacture and production
Lights, fibre optics and laser investigations
Identification of unknown substances and materials.
Electrolysis and electrochemical cell (portable fuel source production)
Investigation: acids, base, pH curves and accurate titrations.
Investigations into static electricity, weather and electrical fields.”

… and the many groups of pupils (on top of science classes) who would benefit:

“Stem Club
Crest awards
Science Club
Easter Schools
Summer schools
Primary outreach
Community day
Careers day
Open evening
Year 6 moving up day”

Finally, Michelle finished with general benefits of the equipment:

"The equipment would be reliable, easy to pre prepare, easy to transport, easy to use and easy to store.
The equipment would be functional and interchangeable in all of the above projects.
In class and out of class these projects will help primary and secondary students consolidate and extend scientific knowledge and achievement.
To inspire and motivate primary and secondary students to consider future STEM subject careers.”

And perhaps, most importantly:

“Finally: TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!”

Goffs-Churchgate bounce back stronger.

We were pleased to award Goffs-Churchgate a PE Minor Award for two trampettes.  Kevin Yardley explained how the equipment would not only benefit the school’s own pupils:

“…these would be used for both students who attend the school and children in the local area who attend the classes run by our external hirers.”

Kevin went on to talk about how the trampettes would help their students:

“These would allow the students to work independently on their trampolining skills.

…The new trampolines will increase the children's motivation as there will be more access to them, as well as the fact they are newer so they will be to a higher quality.

…We will be able to run more extra-curricular activities as there will be more equipment to allow that to be possible.”

Chancellors have “bin” there and dumped that!

We were pleased to grant Chancellors a STEM award to design and make a series of recycling bins made from recycled/recyclable materials to be placed in every classroom and office around the school.  As James Field (Head of Technology) explained, the project will develop and enhance many areas of curriculum knowledge as well as skills such as teamwork:

“In addition to the students that head up the team in Sustain we have since discussed creating an additional team that can support the manufacture of the bin units.  This new team will be created by offering to all students in all year groups.

They, as well as the Sustain leadership committee will:

  • Design the units using 2D design, taking into account standard sack sizes (capacity maximised).
  • Take into account Design and Technology practices in reducing wasted material and creating an effective and strong unit.
  • Test as appropriate and modify design.
  • Manufacture using our laser cutter during dedicated lunchtimes.
  • Assemble and distribute. “

The project will also have other real-life benefits for all pupils by:

  • “raising awareness and support the environment by increasing the amount that we recycle.
  • (pupils) taking responsibility for the waste they produce.
  • Raising the profile of the school as a Beacon of Excellence for sustainability.”
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