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Over £156,000 donated to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools since January 2018
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Haileybury Turnford Get a “Suite” Deal!

Haileybury Turnford have made a successful PE Minor Application for free weights and other non-cardio equipment.  They are setting up a fitness suite with cardio machines and wanted to extend the provision to offer the full range of activities.

The bid certainly ticked our  “number of students benefitting” box, as Sian Ashby, Head of PE, wrote in her bid: 

“This would support the entire school community of over 800 students within core PE lessons as well as GCSE course at KS4 and A Level course for our sixth form students. This would provide us with the opportunity to develop students’ knowledge of fitness aspects, testing and basic muscle management within their lessons. We would also utilize the new equipment as an extra-curricular club.”

EdufundUK have quite a tradition of supporting various aspects of gym/fitness suite bids as we believe many “switched-off” pupils will be open to this form of exercise as they see adults paying for gym membership.  These bids especially help pupil premium students who would perhaps find it difficult to access gym sessions outside of school.  The variety of exercise available helps pupils find their strengths and to set them on a path of lifelong fitness and the facilities also help potential elite sportswomen and men focus on the areas they really need to develop.

Watling View Calm Down

We were very excited to give our first award to a special school this year.  Watling View applied for an Effective Learning Award to equip a dedicated therapeutic environment where pupils can regulate themselves when needed.  The equipment bid for gave multi-sensory benefits and included such things as a swing frame, aroma therapy oils and lights and a massage station.  Watling View is a 3-19 school so primary aged pupils will also greatly benefit from the award as it will help instil strategies and practice for calming down from a very early age.


As Andy Scott, Headteacher, explained:


This award would benefit all pupils at the school as it will help them to develop an understanding of themselves and the ability to regulate themselves. By doing this it will help to ensure that pupils are able to be focused on their learning and support each individual to be able to make holistic progress in all areas of their learning.”

Haileybury Turnford Go Loopy Over Science

Haileybury Turnford successfully bid for a STEM Minor Award to fund a rewards trip to Thorpe Park to study the physics of roller coasters.  The trip is targeting pupil premium and disadvantaged pupils.


We sometimes struggle to pass bids for trips on the grounds of longevity and the amount of learning that actually occurs for the expense – learning value for money I suppose you could call the criteria.  However, in this case, the application of difficult physics principles to such exciting real-world systems seemed like a great way to bring physics to life, especially when targeted at pupils who may not be engaged and would find such a trip difficult to afford.  Our longevity box was ticked by the fact it was a reward trip for a year of hard work and good behaviour and the experience will hopefully excite pupils about science in general.


As Sam Williams, Director of Science, put it:

The target group for the trip would be hardworking students from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not usually be able to afford to attend a school trip. The trip would hopefully provide a different view on Physics and promote that Science is all-encompassing.

This would hopefully improve student outcome in Physics and aspirations in school life and beyond.”

John Warner School Gets Boarded Up!

We were very pleased to award John Warner School an Effective Learning Minor Award to fund 6 class-sets of mini whiteboards.

We are always impressed when schools find practical and efficacious methods of putting learning theory into everyday classroom practice.   In John Warner’s case, Rosenshine’s principles were being focussed upon, in particular his suggestions for guided practice.  As Simon Robinson, Head of Mathematics wrote:


The basis of the teachers’ whole class input is about breaking steps down into manageable chunks and assessment. We want teachers to explain a process in its entirety, follow this up with an example using pupil input which would be done via the mini whiteboards for the whole class and then an individual pupil’s whole class example on one of the larger whiteboards in the class.”


We are also keen to promote staff becoming specialists and then passing down their skills to other members of the school.  John Warner have a member of staff who OFSTED have  praised for her use of mini whiteboards and so they are planning for her to deliver CPD to the whole maths faculty once they have the equipment in place.


I’ll give the last word to Simon on the benefits of mini whiteboards:


The mini whiteboards would allow for all pupils to engage with a given question. This would allow for consolidation of a skill or as a quick assessment of the understanding gained during a lesson. Generally we try to differentiate a task to the needs of the pupils. Mini-whiteboards allow for a teacher to get a much clearer picture of the needs of the class in front of them. We can then give direction to the pupils where to start to seek a suitable level of challenge.”

Chauncy Get Kitted Out

We are very pleased to grant Chauncy School a PE Minor award for new football and basketball kit.

As Marrissa Mason, Head of PE, told us, the two sports have been going from strength to strength at Chauncy recently:


In the last two years we have focused on improving our extra curricular clubs and teams and for the first time in 12 years our year 9 boys have been entered into the county league for basketball and our year 8 boys are at a good enough standard to compete nationally. Our year 8 boys have won their first game and are through to the second round of the national cup. However, our kits are in desperate need of an upgrade and students are wearing kits that are 10 years old!”


Judging by the 10-year life of their existing strip, Chauncy will certainly tick our longevity of benefit box.  The new kits will help celebrate the players’ rapid improvement and give them an even greater sense of pride and confidence when competing at these higher levels for years to come.

Haileybury Turnford Have a Clear Vision!

We were very pleased to award Haileybury Turnford an Effective Learning Award to fund four visualisers – one for each core department in the school.  As Danielle Newman, Director of Teaching and Learning, put it:


The award would benefit my students greatly - It would help students to learn better as teachers would be able to model examples using the visualiser and they would be able to share students work. It would hopefully improve students’ outcomes in the long-run. All students within the school would benefit as every department would be able to use one and this could be shared amongst the staff.”


We are always very excited to help schools implement one or more effective learning techniques, especially when those methods will benefit a large number of pupils.  Reviewing and improving on work done and modelling outstanding examples is extremely useful for learning and, with the wide range of other uses visualisers can facilitate (e.g. close-up experiments and text-book displays), we thought this was a great project for us to support.

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