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Over £400,000 donated to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools since January 2018
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Secondary Major Award Winners 2022


We had a good selection of bids this year, with PE and STEM applications once again proving very popular.  For the first time since our Major Awards began in the summer of 2018, we awarded two winners in two of the categories.  This was due to the top two applications being too close for us to call amongst a strong field.   Needless to say,  we were delighted to be able to help fund 5 large projects this year.

As we do every year, we reviewed our judging process beginning with a mark scheme (based on our standard criteria) which then informs final discussions.  We don’t publish the actual mark scheme to avoid bids being written “to the scheme” rather than giving a realistic assessment of the project and its benefits.  However, we can tell you that there is an increased emphasis on applicants to explain and evidence the expected benefits which will add to our own judgements on how each project will enhance learning and motivation etc.

Anyway, on to the winners…



Onslow Saint Audrey School to purchase a wide variety of sensors, data loggers and 10 Chrome tablets.

This was a very strong bid.  The project will not only benefit all pupils at the school but also primary students on the Y5 friendship events, Y6 taster days and summer schools as well as A level students from consortium partners.  The school went into detail about how the equipment would enhance learning and backed it up with some evidence.  Individual groups were highlighted (e.g. the less able) and the bid explained how they would benefit given their particular needs.



Richard Hale School to establish a fitness suite with a range of equipment.

We are always keen to help expand schools’ provision and this application explained how Richard Hale currently have a brand-new building but no equipment due to cost over-runs.  The well-equipped gym will benefit all pupils in many ways from general fitness to specific training for their elite athletes as well as providing a facility for staff and extra-curricular clubs outside of lessons.  The application also did a good job of identifying the different groups who would benefit, ranging from their academy performers to students who have been disenfranchised from PE.



Roundwood Park School to replace their long jump pit.

Roundwood Park entered a strong bid which highlighted the importance of athletics at the school and the wide range of students who would benefit from the reestablishment of the pit (as their current one has been closed on health and safety grounds).  The bid also explained how the double run-up pit would enhance learning and teaching of long jump, triple jump and early-stage pole vault and gave arguments for its longevity.



Hitchin Boys to create two new meeting rooms and install a large touch screen in their Learning Support area.

As well as supporting bids that benefit a large number/wide range of pupils (and others), we also value projects that strongly benefit smaller numbers of students with specific needs (whether low or high ability and general or specialised areas of learning.)

The school entered a well-reasoned, two-pronged bid explaining their desperate need for private meeting areas to make best use of their newly trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant and other SEND staff and the huge benefits a large, touchscreen would bring.  The application explained the range and number of pupils under the SEND department’s charge, their issues and exactly how the facilities would address their particular needs and backed up some of his points with research.  To strengthen the argument further, the bid also explained the effects of their current facilities and argued for the longevity of the benefits the new rooms and screen would bring.



Presdales School to purchase 4 ActivPanel interactive screens to be distributed across a range of departments.

Our two winning EL bids both featured large interactive screens, but Presdales project would benefit a wide range of pupils including all year groups, many subject areas, Y6 and teacher training.  This bid went into great detail about how exactly these interactive boards enhance learning and motivation, giving specific examples from the various departments targeted for the boards and backing it up with research findings.  The boards would, for example, extend the effectiveness of Presdales bring your own device policy by allowing students to collaborate as well as share and evaluate each other’s work.  The application also detailed the included software and features of these specific boards and how they would benefit learning and finished by arguing that the boards would also enhance the training of the many teachers who come to Presdales in their capacity as a training centre.

Secondary Minor Awards: Summer 2022

Here's a quick summary of what secondary schools in Hertfordshire have successfully bid for so far in the summer term of 2022.   Each academic year, schools can bid for up to £1000 in each of our focus areas (PE, STEM and Effective Learning) providing there are enough funds left in our termly budget (displayed on the applications page).  Applications have to pass our criteria which you can find here.

We wish all the award recipients good luck with their amazing projects and we are very pleased to have helped them "achieve a lot with a little".

 School   Area   Focus  Project 
Longdean  Hemel Hemstead PE 8x Boxercise training and licences to broaden their NC offer and help with physical and mental wellbeing post Covid
Monks Walk Welwyn Gdn City PE 15x running spikes to build confidence and performance and 4x Tchoukball rebound frames to expand indoor provision and engage non-contact sports enthusiasts.
St. Mary's Catholic Bishops Stortford  PE Supply and install 2 basketball nets to allow more participation and differentiation during lessons and in extra-curricular clubs.
Highfield Letchworth PE 4 Reebok exercise bikes to increase pupils' fitness levels and motivation for gym work.
Rickmansworth Rickmansworth PE Tennis posts, net and 27 racquets to support the game across all year groups, feeder primaries and local community groups.
St. Mary's Catholic Bishops Stortford EL 6 Sphero BOLT robots to increase motivation and understanding by giving vivid impressions and practical experience of coding concepts and extending work being done in a variety of coding languages.
Presdales Ware STEM A 3D printer and spare filaments to evidence Product Design coursework projects and facilitate the production of custom components and items for robotics club and business enterprise groups.
Westfield Academy Watford PE 18 heart rate monitors to enable students to analyse their physical activity and devise training programs.
Hockerill Bishops Stortford PE Basketball and netball post protectors in school colours to facilitate safe free-play and advanced skills practise and engender a feeling of belonging and pride in the school.
John Warner Hoddesdon PE 3 table tennis tables to maintain the curricular and extra-curricular provision as well as enhancing their holiday kid's club facilities and helping less keen pupils to engage with sport.
Westfield Academy Watford STEM 8x 5MP visualisers for maths to enable solution modelling of many topics, demonstrations of CPA techniques, presentation of projects and recording short videos for remote learning.
Roundwood Park Harpenden EL Smart TV and two chromeboxes for the library to encourage and facilitate student collaboration and sharing of work.
Bushey Meads Bushey STEM VEX V5 robot competition super kit to promote engineering, coding and teamwork and extend the number of students able to participate in the competitions.
Westfield Academy Watford EL A set of 12 ripple tanks to help improve pupils' communication and teamwork skills, enable them to calculate means based on their own results rather than theoretical ones and so help to build stronger memories around this practical and also improve their physical practical skills.
John Warner Hoddesdon STEM Dynamics and sensor equipment to help all year groups understand abstract/numerical concepts with practical activities and greatly enhance the accuracy of results readings.
Rickmansworth Rickmansworth STEM 5-Pack of data loggers to benefit all three sciences across all key stages by recording accurate readings and linking directly with laptop analysis programs.
Hemel Hempstead Hemel Hempstead STEM Two-day workshop designing and building robots for years 6-9 to enthuse students about the STEM subjects and apply theoretical knowledge about design and materials to an exciting, practical project.
Robert Barclay Academy Hoddesdon PE 15x gymnastic mats for lessons, extra-curricular clubs, primary schools and external clubs to help develop fundamental and advanced movement skills in a safe and inviting environment.
Hitchin Boys Hitchin EL KAZ-type online touch-typing tutor program for the whole school to enable more efficient use of school-wide Chromebooks and enable students to focus on the learning/content rather than the typing of answers and coursework etc.

Secondary Minor Awards: Spring 2022

Here's a quick summary of what secondary schools in Hertfordshire have successfully bid for so far in the spring term of 2022.   Each academic year, schools can bid for up to £1000 in each of our focus areas (PE, STEM and Effective Learning) providing there are enough funds in the budget.  This budget is displayed on the applications page and it is "topped-up" at the start of each term (as funding allows).  Applications have to pass our criteria which you can find here.

We wish all the award recipients good luck with their amazing projects and we are very pleased to have helped them "achieve a lot with a little".

School Focus Area Project
Herts and Essex   P.E. An interactive whiteboard for the sports hall to help bring theory teaching into a practical environment and analyse their own performance with video playback.  
Watford Girls Grammar P.E. Volleyball nets and posts and Tchoukball goals to increase playing time in an expanding PE curriculum.
Presdales Effective Learning Up School A level maths resources subscription for independent study and COVID catch-up.
Richard Hale PE 13 super-lite gymnastics mats to help reintroduce a comprehensive programme of health related fitness and gymnastics to all key stages.
Onslow St. Audreys STEM 12 l autoclave to enable far more practical experiments and investigations to take place in biology.
Parmiter's PE A pair of trampoline end-decks to facilitate advanced moves.
Chancellor's PE High jump landing mat for whole-school use inc. GCSE and A Level preparation and performance.
Chancellor's Effective Learning A Tip of the Iceberg Company performance and workshop on consent for KS5 students to kick-start a re-vamp of the RSE curriculum.
The Reach Free Effective Learning A range of Eco-Garden structures and equipment to explore eg adaptation, photosynthesis and healthy eating as well as providing a calm area for mentoring.

Secondary Minor Awards - Autumn 2021 Roundup

Here's a quick summary of what secondary schools in Hertfordshire have successfully bid for so far in this autumn term.   Each academic year, schools can bid for up to £1000 in each of our focus areas (PE, STEM and Effective Learning) providing there are enough funds in the budget.  This budget is displayed on the applications page and it is "topped-up" at the start of each term (as funding allows).

We wish all the award recipients good luck with their amazing projects.

School Focus Area Project
Haileybury Turnford   PE 2 new team and training football kits 
Haileybury Turnford STEM 5 high powered microscopes 
The Reach Free School   PE Flooring for a fitness suite
Presdales School PE Monitoring and boxing equipment
Katherine Warrington EL Padlet platform license
Roundwood Park STEM Autoclave sterilising machine
Katherine Warrington PE Class set of tennis rackets and football shirts
Longdean STEM Class set of Sphero Spark+ robots

STEM Major Award 2020/21 - Presdales School

We were very pleased to award Presdales School our STEM Major Award for 2020/21.  Nikki Albone (Revenue Generation Coordinator) coordinated and submitted a very well-argued bid for two mobile fume cupboards for classrooms and one static one for the science preparation room.

Nikki explained how this bid would form part of a funding drive to improve science facilities overall.  Part of the challenge of writing a strong application is to clearly explain the educational benefits of the project to non-subject specialists (particularly, might I say, if the equipment is not obviously awe-inspiring):

“The fume cupboard is an essential piece of equipment in a school Chemistry Laboratory, enabling teachers and students to safely use chemicals, which would otherwise not be available to them, and allowing demonstrations that inspire the youngest students through to GCSE and A-Level student conducted practicals.”

“Until the planned refurbishment, demonstrations have/are being conducted in fixed fume cupboards, which are sited against a wall. These afford a very restricted view to students in KS3 and KS4 Science classes with their inherent student numbers as well as in our growing KS5 classes.”

“Our refurbishment plan has identified the need for mobile fume cupboards in each Chemistry Classroom, the benefit of which will be significant. The proposed fume cupboards are 1000mm wide with glass rear and side walls. When positioned centrally in a classroom these provide a 360 degree view of the experiments carried out within. With every student able to see the chemistry happening clearly, in real time, right in front of them, they provide a very different experience for teaching and learning and we anticipate that our students will be more engaged in the subject and inspired to pursue it further.”

To further emphasise the benefits, the Presdales bid gave some specific examples:

“When Yr7 students see a copper coin dissolved in nitric acid they will be intrigued by the power of acids. When Yr10 students watch iodine crystals subliming into a purple gas and then re-forming crystals as a layer of glitter they will see the particle theory of matter in action. When Year 12 students observe the dehydration of sucrose to create a growing tower of charcoal they will appreciate how the reaction they have just learned in theory works in practice.”

Nikki also made sure to explain the need for each aspect of her bid e.g.:

“An element of the refurbishment of the Chemistry facility is improvements to the Chemistry Prep Room. Until now this has not contained a fume cupboard and prep work has been carried out in a classroom.”

To address our “numbers and types of pupils benefitting” criteria, Nikki made sure to explain the range of pupils who would benefit from the cupboards e.g:

“Presdales’ Chemistry Department has seen regular growth in A-Level student numbers. 25 students are currently studying for 2022 exams in comparison to just 10 in 2015. Many past pupils have progressed to study Chemistry-related courses at university, including medicine, or taken up apprenticeships or jobs in the chemical or biochemical industry and engineering.”

“At A-Level our students increase their practical skills, regularly dispensing corrosive and volatile substances, such as concentrated acids, from the fume cupboard. Learning to handle these substances safely is a key part of their development as chemists, and prepares them for future study or the workplace.”

Having clearly explained the need for and the benefits of fume cupboard facilities, Nikki also explained the strengths of Presdales’ chosen solution e.g.

“Another benefit of the mobile units is that, as the remaining four science labs within the block are refurbished in coming years, docking stations providing gas and water supply can be added at a small cost thereby significantly increasing the effectiveness of Presdales’ Science teaching facilities, helping both students and teachers.”

In summary, some of the main arguments that gave Presdales the edge in their application were:

  • Excellent submission, comprehensively addressing most of the elements of our published Grant Application Assessment Criteria.
  • Working hard to also secure grants from other sources to enhance related provision
  • Managed to find an excellent value-for-money solution which can be actioned quickly (Nikki and the science department evaluated six quotes, assessing many factors in addition to price).
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