Secondary Major Award: Application Form Extension



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  3. In addition to these questions, if there is anything new you would like to add to your first application form you are welcome to include it in q2 or q3  but you do not have to repeat any information included in the initial application form.

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  • If you have any questions about this form or the application process, please contact prior to completing the form.

Secondary School Major Award: Application Form Extension

  • Will the idea help pupils who have a particular need for the intended outcome?
  • e.g. will the idea help low ability pupils to close the attainment gap?  Is this an activity/resource for high achieving pupils who would find it difficult to access this level of learning/expertise otherwise?  Will Pupil Premium pupils benefit from a trip or exposure to a study opportunity that would otherwise be beyond their means? 

  • Will the project greatly benefit a narrowly focused academic area or help in a wide range of topics/subjects?
  • e.g.  Software that drastically enhances understanding of 3D shapes compared to a package that covers many maths topics but in less depth.
  • e.g. 2 A sixth-form science trip to carry out experiments in a large pharmaceutical company's cutting-edge laboratories Vs a STEM fair in the school hall.
  • We do give weight to applications which will also benefit subjects/skills outside our three focus areas. e.g. mind-mapping software would aid creative planning and thinking across many subjects.

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