Secondary Major Award Winners 2020

19/20 Secondary Major Award Winners

EdufundUK are excited to announce the Major Award Winners for 2020:


Winner (£10,000):  Bishop’s Hatfield Girls School  (PE bid)

Isabelle Fautrero-Sayer (School Development Officer) coordinated an excellent bid for equipment and training to introduce cricket into the school curriculum.


Highly Commended (£5,000): Ashlyns School (PE bid) 

John Preston (Head of PE) won funds towards replacing the school’s worn-out long-jump pit.


Highly Commended (£5,000):  Parmiter’s School (PE bid)

Tom Clark (Head of PE) won the HC award towards multi-gym equipment.


Commended (£1,000):  Bishops Hatfield Girls School (Effective Learning bid)

Sophy Lawrence (Mental Health Lead/HOY) won an (unplanned) award towards her bid for a cohesive package of activities/resources including workshops in study skills and stress management, establishing a lending library of wellbeing/stress management books and corresponding pages to their website and staff training.  


Commended (£1,000):  Bishops Hatfield Girls School (STEM bid)

Isabelle Fautrero-Sayer (again!) coordinated a bid for a package of science equipment, visualisers and Chromebooks to raise achievement in STEM through more practical work.


We will post a more detailed account of these bids shortly.


This year, PE was certainly the most successful area and one school won three awards.  Although it could be argued a greater spread of focus areas/schools would be preferable, we hope this demonstrates that our judges rely on our impartial mark scheme to assess all bids consistently regardless of school or focus area.