Secondary Minor Awards - Autumn 2022 (Details)

Here's a quick summary of what secondary schools in Hertfordshire have successfully bid for so far in the autumn term of 2022.   Each academic year, schools can bid for up to £1000 in each of our focus areas (PE, STEM and Effective Learning) providing there are enough funds left in our termly budget (displayed on the applications page).  Applications have to pass our criteria which you can find here.

We wish all the award recipients good luck with their amazing projects and we are very pleased to have helped them "achieve a lot with a little".

Please Note:  The Effective Learning criteria will change to Learning to Learn from January 2023 so some of the EL awards below may not have been passed under the new category.

 School   Area   Focus  Project 
Chancellor's   Hatfield   Effective Learning   One year's subscription to the Carousel learning online learning platform to enhance retrieval practice in school and for homework across the year groups and subjects.  The school has committed to fund the subscription if the initiative is successful in improving learning.
Simon Balle Hertford   STEM An "A" level trip to the Sciencelive event to inspire them to continue with STEM subjects at university and career level and attract more GCSE pupils into sixth-form science.
St. Georges Harpenden   STEM To purchase an S-Range digicounter for extremely accurate measurement of time, period, frequency and radioactivity which will improve demonstrations and upper-years practicals.
Chauncy Ware STEM A range of forensic science equipment inc. respirometers and density cubes to enable pupils to engage in practical experiments to extend the normal KS3-5 curriculum eg investigating how living things respire, die and decompose.
St. Georges Harpenden Effective Learning A designer lectern to facilitate presentations and debating tournaments and showcase events with national journalists and politicians.  To raise the profile and prestige of debating and formal presentation skills in the school.
Hemel Hempstead Hemel Hempstead STEM 14 x Casio CG-50 graphical calculators to enable KS3-5 pupils to visualise, and so grasp, many abstract mathematical concepts inc. graphs, statistical analysis, geometry, iteration and algebra.
Presdales Ware Effective Learning A range of 3D models and dissection specimens for biology to enhance learning through practical work and 3D investigation and tactile manipulation for all key stages.
Haileybury Turnford Cheshunt STEM Multiple sets of BBC micro:bit V2 computer building kits to engage pupils in coding and robotics and aid their understanding both in class, for coursework and in after-school clubs.
Katherine Warington Harpenden Effective Learning A range of science practical equipment and models to facilitate their "Making Science Visible" project to motivate pupils and help them grasp difficult and abstract concepts.
Knightsfield Welwyn Garden City  PE House PE kit to encourage participation and extra-curricular activities including Sports Leader coaching sessions in primary schools and to improve self-esteem, team ethic and house identity.
Haileybury Turnford Waltham Cross Effective Learning Elevate Education Study Skills sessions for two drop-down days where differentiated groups work on study skills,  motivation, target setting and time management including 8 weeks worth of skills development resources and parental resources and face to face sessions.
Roundwood Park Harpenden STEM 4x 3D printers to reduce the printing delay in CAD/CAM projects across the school, especially in the growing GCSE/A Level classes.    The printers will also allow additional practical lunchtime/after-school STEM clubs to run more productively.
Hockerill Bishops Stortford PE 2x junior and 2x senior hockey goalie kits (exc. helmets) as they often do not have goalies due to the high cost of kit.  This will enhance the delivery of the hockey curriculum and capitalise on high student motivation for the sport.
Westfield Academy Watford PE A 12-ball cricket bowling machine to allow students to practice specific batting shots with a consistent feed at a pace and speed suitable to their ability.  It is hoped that the machine will particularly help develop girls' interest, confidence and development in cricket.
Westfield Academy Watford STEM 10x digital joule meters to allow pupils to carry out a number of physics experiments which they currently can not which will help kinaesthetic learners especially and develop students' numeracy skills by using their own data in equations e.g. to calculate specific heat capacities of different materials.
Rickmansworth School Rickmansworth  STEM A Philip Harris 10" microscope and attachable tablet/camera to enable whole-class annotation of specimens and facilitate higher quality assessment/feedback of microbiology skills.  The large image projection will also help visually impaired pupils at the school.
Haileybury Turnford Cheshunt PE 15x sports mats and gym equipment storage to greatly increase the usable space in the fitness room, save time wasted by having to move equipment and facilitate more floor exercise and yoga.
Westfield Academy Watford Effective Learning 5x Easi-View wireless visualisers to improve modelling thinking, solutions and structuring answers and to enable showing students' work and peer assessment.  
Hockerill Bishops Stortford STEM A woodturning lathe, chucks and stand to help generations of students to interactively experience how products are actually made rather than just designed on computer.   It will help develop practical skills and promote self-confidence and pride and hopefully attract more pupils to their DT clubs.