Secondary Minor Awards - Summer 2024 (Details)

Here's a quick summary of what secondary schools in Hertfordshire have successfully bid for so far in the summer term of 2024.   Each academic year, schools can bid for up to £1000 in each of our focus areas (PE, STEM and Learning to Learn) subject to our monthly budget (the current balance is displayed on the applications page).  Applications have to pass our criteria which you can find here.

We wish all the award recipients good luck with their amazing projects and we are very pleased to have helped them "achieve a lot with a little".

School Location Focus Project
The Reach Free Rickmansworth PE A variety of tennis and badminton equipment to set up a racket academy to give pupils coaching and an opportunity to play at lunch times and after school in their "Stay and Play" sessions.   The project has been set up after a pupil voice survey and successful trial sessions and they will use the new equipment to expand their provision to pupils and offer taster sessions to their feeder schools.
Hockerill College Bishops Stortford PE A RowErg, Concept 2 rowing machine for their fitness lessons which all students are scheduled to take part in.  The machine will also benefit theoretical learning in GCSE and IB PE programs in topics such as body physiology and adaptations to training.  Boarders will have access to the machine as will pupils undertaking community projects such as fundraising through "rowing the Atlantic".
Chancellor's Hatfield STEM 6x visualisers to better show practical demonstrations in science, analyse students' work and work through questions in class.  Also 5x drawing tablets to allow teachers to save diagrams and workings instead of rubbing them out and share them with pupils, particularly SEND pupils who may struggle to copy work accurately or remember it.