Sele draw our attention to the benefits of graphic pads

We are pleased to award The Sele School an Effective Learning grant for four graphics pads to be used in science. 

We are always impressed when schools have researched and/or tested the benefits of their proposed project before applying to us.  Laura Morgan (Head of Science) did just that:

“Due to the ever-changing expectations regarding teaching during a pandemic, both in school and online and managing varying content delivery and feedback we purchased one graphics tablet to allow immediate differentiation, feedback and annotation for lessons, both in person and online. This was imbedded into school practice last term and feedback from students and staff was overwhelmingly positive.

Due to decreased funds within the education sector, it was not viable for us to purchase more and so this was shared amongst the faculty.

…graphics tablets have been seen to help model answers, dual code, assess and give feedback, not only in first-hand our own school but also in the wider educational community, we are applying for the funds to purchase four more graphics tablets, so each member of staff in our department can utilise one.”

Laura further strengthened her bid by explaining more benefits of the graphic tablets in these very difficult times:

“An additional benefit to these devices is with the uncertainty of GCSE/A Level exams format, feedback on student work is vital and detail is needed - graphics tablets allow for much faster immediate feedback without the need to download, print, scan documents. Additionally, due to the inevitable variance in student attendance online, the ability to record our lessons and annotate directly onto our documents, allows those who are unable to access the live lessons (of which we teach 100% of our timetable) can still receive quality first teaching.

…the ability to annotate our lessons in real time will add a familiar and supportive layer to our otherwise impersonal content delivery whilst using computers.

Vulnerable and SEND students are a particular focus for us, especially in this period of disrupted learning. The ability to amend our PowerPoint's in real time, as students’ feedback and address misconceptions before they imbed, is imperative and will allow us the ability to differentiate effectively and support those most at risk.”