Sele students see science subjects screened to a significant size

We were happy to kick off our reopening of secondary minor awards with a grant to Sele School for 5 visualisers.

We are big fans of formative assessment/feedback as a method of making learning more effective.  Visualisers make this technique possible for an entire class or more.  As Laura Morgan, Head of Science, explained:

…there is a huge emphasis on independent learning and embedding knowledge. With this in mind the schools teaching style has shifted to largely ramped worksheets - feedback to the class would be much smoother with the use of visualisers but the school’s budget does not extend to this. The current situation re schools’ partial closure would also make distant learning easier with the school look at teaching in the hall which has no white boards, visualiser feedback would be ideal.

As the visualisers are primarily for the science department, they will also extremely useful for all manner of demonstrations and experiments.  However, as we much prefer a project’s Effective Learning benefits to be disseminated across the school, we were glad to read…

Whilst these will be purchased for the use of the Science faculty, as currently schools have partial closure with the idea to potentially bring back Year 10/12, use of visualisers in larger rooms without white boards will see feedback given more clearly across all faculties.