St Andrew’s use laptops to help with the COVID catchup.

We were happy to award St Andrews CE Primary School a grant for three pupil laptops.  In a sign of our current times, Lynda Bysouth (School Business Manager) explained that the laptops would enable:

“small group teaching of children who have fallen behind during the COVID-19 lockdown. These laptops will be able to go home with children who do not have access to a laptop at home.”

Thinking ahead to a possible “second wave” of coronavirus, Lynda went on to say:

“Should any of these children have to isolate again due to their bubble having to isolate we would like to give them access to a laptop.”

To address our important longevity criteria, Lynda gave us an idea of how the pupil laptops would be used when we are finally free of COVID19:

“They also will use My Maths application to do homework or revision during normal school operating times.”

We were glad we decided to open up applications a couple of weeks earlier than normal to help schools prepare for the many catch-up measures such as this that they will have to put in place.