St Margret cover Klimt and Kandinsky with Kapow!

We were pleased to grant St Margret Clitherow School (Stevenage) an award for a Kapow Art and Design Scheme and supporting art materials.  Carmela Puccio (Headteacher) gave us a good idea of the benefits of using the Kapow scheme:

“The Kapow scheme has enabled teachers to develop their confidence in teaching art and DT. They have detailed lesson plans, resources and then videos for the teachers to watch prior to delivering the lesson. Using the scheme has meant that the children are exposed to a greater variety of art techniques.

...There are lessons on weaving, optical illusions, sculptures, Zentangle printing and patterns, still life and lego printing. They can also complete artist studies.

Kapow has cross curricular links so teachers are able to link learning for their children.”

The scheme has an annual subscription which the school were renewing for the first time.  This means they had direct experience of the benefits, but subscriptions always raise a question of longevity and sustainability for us.  However, Carmela dealt with this issue by viewing this year’s subscription as a training resource for her staff:

“Due to lockdown we were unable to complete the whole year of lessons and that's why we need to purchase it again for the full year of work. The aim is to only purchase it for the full year as teachers should then be able to deliver without it.”


St. Margaret Clitherow are on a slippery slope!

We are also pleased to award St. Margaret Clitherow a second grant to make full use of their £1000 yearly maximum.  This one was for Newton Meters and reversible slope surface boards to help with forces experiments.  As Carmela Puccio (Headteacher) explained:

“The resources will support the science topics in the juniors focusing on forces, which is covered in each year group.  We will use them in lockdown with the critical worker children that we currently have in school when they cover the relevant topic.”