St Mary’s get with the program!

We are always looking for applications which will inspire children to learn whilst having fun.  St Mary’s achieved this balance perfectly with their successful bid for 6 Blue-bots for EYFS and KS1 and 10 Microbit programmable computers and an InO Bot programmable Bluetooth robot for the older children.

As well as helping deliver the ICT curriculum across the school in a more practical, awe and wonder type way, the more able children will be stretched by being able to evaluate algorithms seeking to solve real-life, physical tasks.  Hanna Paxton, ICT and English Lead, will be able to train staff in using the equipment, thereby ensuring all children benefit.

As Hanna wrote:

Blue-bots to Early Years and KS1 would give children first-hand experience at tackling algorithms and a secure understanding of coding which will enable them to achieve well in KS2. We hope that by pairing these with the appropriate mats, children will begin to develop control, directional language and awareness of programming.

By purchasing the Microbits we hope that our KS2 children will develop a secure understanding of coding, networks and systems in modern technologies. They will be critical in their selection and use of digital applications using a range of devices confidently.

Similarly, the InO Bot will enable children to apply their newly founded coding skills to a wider range of modern technologies. They will be able to create, test, debug and refine algorithms for specific purposes, and will bring to life their understanding of coding away from a typical computer screen which is what their understanding is limited to at present.