St Meryl move the goalposts to net their award!

We were very pleased to award St Meryl School (Watford) an award to buy movable outdoor football, netball and basketball posts and different size balls.    Caron Plein (Business Manager) first explained the immediate need for the posts: 

“Our current football posts are broken, and one of our two netball posts recently broke too. We also don't have a sufficient quantity of proper footballs and basketballs.”

Caron then went on to explain a number of benefits of the equipment and when they would be used:

 "We would like to acquire these to encourage our pupils to participate in these sports and outdoor activities. This is both for use in PE, break and lunchtimes and extra-curricular activities.

Additionally, having a greater quantity of resources, means that more pupils will be able to access the activities simultaneously, thereby encouraging active and healthy living. By getting 2 different sizes of balls, and full size netball, but training size basketball posts, we are also ensuring accessibility through all ages within our school community.”

Caron also applied the benefits to the current situation:

“The huge benefit is that because these are for outdoor use, we can continue to use them much more easily during the pandemic. Additionally, the balls will be wipe-cleanable, and we will also then have sufficient to be able to provide one ball per child.”