St. John’s square away a great sounding joint bid.

We were pleased to award St. John’s Catholic School (Baldock) an award for two simultaneous projects – one for English and one for outdoor learning (Maths).  Suzanne Meadows (English Lead) and Pippa Harvey (Maths Lead) made a joint application:

“We would like to add to our current reading scheme as we need more decodable reading books. We also need more books for our whole class Guided reading sessions. We would like these to link to topics as well as teachers choice.

We would also like to paint a 100 square and a place value chart on our playground to allow for outdoor learning and visual learning so the children can actually 'be the counters'”

Suzanne explained the benefits of the Collins Big Cat phonics book sets she had chosen:

“These reading scheme books link in with the letters and sounds that we teach in early years and ks1 and will help the children through the use of decoding to read words taught in their phonics phases.  These are now a requirement when Ofsted conduct their reading deep dives.  We want all children to achieve in their reading as well as enjoy their reading.  These books will also help the LA children who struggle with their spellings/reading and can be used for interventions with TAs and teachers. “

And Pippa told us how the large painted squares would enhance learning and motivation and also gave us an idea of their longevity:

“The hundred square and place value charts will enhance the children's learning because they can physically move and see how digits change e.g. moving 2 places to the right for division etc.  The hundred square will aid those children who need to physically see and move to understand how to add, subtract, multiply on a hundred square.  We expect the paint to last 2 years and we are hoping in the future to purchase our own paint and machine for the upkeep of this.”