St. Margaret Clitherow knew their double science and technology bid wood work!

St Margaret Clitherow have made a successful, two-pronged STEM bid for a new science scheme from Engaging Science and Woodworking benches and equipment.

The Engaging Science scheme has been developed in conjunction with several primary schools and has some exciting founding principles:

  • Science is best taught through practical sessions and investigation
  • Pupils should be encouraged to think both scientifically and creatively
  • Curiosity, wonder, humour and even disgust are emotions that build engagement in science
  • Science should take advantage of the many opportunities the outdoor environment offers to learn  science in context
  • The teaching of science should be rigorous and ensure that pupils of all abilities make progress
  • Assessment in science should be based on what pupils demonstrate they can do in lessons rather than on tests.

We very rarely fund the replacement or buying of core equipment for subjects, but we are keen to help develop and extend the teaching and learning of our focus subjects in school.  Thus, we were delighted to also fund two new woodwork benches and attendant tools to facilitate the development and extension of this aspect of STEM in the school.

As headteacher, Carmela Puccio explained:

Pupils will be part of hands on experience for their science lessons and therefore should be more likely to enjoy and understand the learning. The new scheme also plans for outdoor learning which is an important area of school life at St. Margaret Clitherow. The EYFS woodwork skills will enable our youngest pupils to develop a new skill set. Our aim would be to promote this across the school in time.