St. Teresa’s nurture provision gets even acer!

We were very happy to help St. Teresa’s Catholic Primary School with an award for three Acer Chrome tablets for their nurture room.

As Katrina Bradley (School Business Manager), told us in her application:

“This will enable these pupils to access a selection of online learning support facilities, working as small groups they will enhance their wider knowledge in subjects across the curriculum. Our Nurture room does not currently have any access to IT provision, and this would enable our staff to build up variety in the groups that they support.”

The children in St. Teresa’s nurture group all need different types and levels of additional support and the tablets will help them in many different ways:

“…enable them to see in increase in their attainment by motivating them to learn in a different way.

… will enable them to have STEM (Science, technology, English, Maths) projects planned around their needs and interests using media as the platform for recording , creating and developing learning.”