The Reach Free School get their pupils more than a bit fit!

We were very pleased to award The Reach Free School an award to buy a class set of fitness trackers.  Matt Sutton (Head of PE) explained how they would be used and their benefits:

“We will be using the trackers in lessons to try and develop understanding of a variety of different exercise types and the effect they can have on their bodies. By using trackers it allows the fitness and physical activity lessons to come alive and support pupils making healthy life choices while having personal feedback on their activity levels within lesson. The bands could be used throughout the key stages at the school and by having a full class set it allows us to be able to clean between uses and reduce pupils sharing equipment.”

Matt went on to explain how especially beneficial the trackers will be during the pandemic…

“The project will benefit pupils reengaging with physical activity after a possible period of inactivity during time away from school. It will also support pupils through a period where contact sports cannot be played in schools therefore engaging pupils in outside the box lessons and showing them the positive effects these activities have on there well being will be vital to improving their overall physical and mental health. “

…and into the future…

“The experience of tracking their progress will also allow pupils to have a healthy relationship with movement, understanding how lifestyle choices can positively affect their day to day lives post lock down.”