Watling View Calm Down

We were very excited to give our first award to a special school this year.  Watling View applied for an Effective Learning Award to equip a dedicated therapeutic environment where pupils can regulate themselves when needed.  The equipment bid for gave multi-sensory benefits and included such things as a swing frame, aroma therapy oils and lights and a massage station.  Watling View is a 3-19 school so primary aged pupils will also greatly benefit from the award as it will help instil strategies and practice for calming down from a very early age.


As Andy Scott, Headteacher, explained:


This award would benefit all pupils at the school as it will help them to develop an understanding of themselves and the ability to regulate themselves. By doing this it will help to ensure that pupils are able to be focused on their learning and support each individual to be able to make holistic progress in all areas of their learning.”