What is Effective Learning?

What is Effective Learning?

We consider Effective Learning to be any method or resource that helps your pupils learn and use any knowledge or skill more quickly, thoroughly, easily, enjoyably, deeply and/or permanently. This can be in any subject(s) but ideally, it would help learning across the school. 

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Here are a few examples:

  • Revision/Exam Techniques: e.g. memory techniques, duel coding information, mind-maps, effective memorising and recall,  question analysis
  • Critical Thinking:  e.g. identifying and evaluating arguments and evidence, formulating well supported conculsions etc
  • Thinking skills: e.g. ideas generation and evaluation, assimilating information, problem solving.
  • Learning styles: e.g. how the brain learns, VAK, 8 intelligences, groupwork
  • Using technology to improve learning: e.g. learning software (Quizlet, Plickers), noting/collaborative s/w (Conceptboard, SimpleMind app)
  • Holistic approaches: e.g. factoring the environment into learning
  • Motivational techniques including confidence, self-belief and overcoming examination fear
  • Well-being training including handling stress and relaxation techniques
  • Communications training - e.g. public speaking, debating, presenting information effectiviely.
The above is not an exhaustive list and we are always keen to receive bids which will enhance learning in other ways.
Our pdf of Effective Learning Explanations and Links also gives an overview of a number of effective learning strategies.

NB. We obviously appreciate the worth of the core books/equipment needed to deliver all subjects, but, due to limited funds, we are unlikely to award Effective Learning grants for class-sets of core textbooks or replacement of standard/core equipment.  We are looking for additional or new, effective ways of teaching and learning under this focus area.

Examples of successful EdufundUK EL bids

(Click on school for the award write-up)

Presdale's School - C-Pen readers
The John Warner School – Mini whiteboards
Townsend School – Fix-up Team workshop
Haileybury Turnford - Visualisers
Watling View School – Therapeutic environment equipment
Presdales School – Variety of Effective Learning Resources
Highfield School – Bedrock learning and tests
Watford Grammar – Whole-school workshops programme and INSET (Major)
Longdean – Outdoor learning area (Major)

Explainer Videos

We are planning to put together a series of explainer videos to summarise some effective learning areas.  Here's the first one...