About EduFundUK

EdufundUK was officially launched early in 2018.   Our purpose is simply to help state-funded primary and secondary schools enhance pupil interest and attainment in certain areas of learning - making a big difference with a little money.


The response from the team is always prompt and informative!

- Parmiters School, November 2021

 Our approach is to let teachers decide what activity or resources would be most beneficial for their pupils and then apply for a grant to fund it.  You can find out what grants are available for primary schools and for secondary schools by clicking the links.

We know first-hand how little spare time everyone working in a school has so we have kept the application process short and simple whilst still allowing teachers space to extol the virtues of their idea.

We will be investigating additional ways of helping schools such as linking them to other organisations which would supply resources, expertise and venues etc.