Primary Award Application Form

Primary Awards Remaining Fund for MAY 2024 = £2,016

Primary Awards Now OPEN


Before submitting, please check below:

  • As of January 2024, primary schools are now only allowed one award per academic year of up to £1,000.
  • The resources that you bid for should not be a "shopping list" of many different resources for many different purposes.
  • You have read over our How to Apply for a Grant page (especially if this is your first application).

Primary School Award Application Form

Avoid applying for:

  • supply cover
  • transport costs
  • projects where our contribution will be less than 50% of the total cost
  • projects which will not go ahead within a reasonable time frame.

In question 3a you need to list the specific equipment/services etc that you require, their ex-VAT cost and a link to the item/service.   Please note that all costings should be ex. VAT as we do not pay VAT as schools claim this money back. 

After listing the items/services,  please give a description of your project.   You don't have to describe the benefits the project will bring in question 3 as you do that in question 5.   (However, we read everything in every section so don't worry if you've put something in the wrong place - we'll take it into account).

e.g. 1 Learning to Learn


CleverClogs Learning Lab  (

  1. Stress and Wellbeing during the examination period workshop:  £650  (
  2. Memory and Learning Skills presentation and workshop:  £650 (

Total = £1300 (ex-VAT)

The extra £300 has been raised and committed to the project from PTA funds should this bid for £1,000 be successful.

Description of Project

We want to run two full days of Learning to Learn for upper KS2.   The first day will cover exam. well-being and stress management and the second day will cover memory and learning skills and transition to secondary preparation.   This includes a presentation and workshops and teacher training after school on both days.  The above links show the content and activities of each course.

e.g. 2 PE


Supplier Details:

2x Vermont Square post sets: 2 x £189.99  =   £379.98 

2x Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Nets: 2 x £126.99 = £253.98 

Fitting Costs                         = £90.00

Total                                    = £723.96 (ex-VAT)

Description of Project

We want to buy two tennis nets and post-sets for our newly re-surfaced multi-sports area.  The equipment fits a full-sized court.

We prefer to entirely fund a project but we will consider projects where our contribution is at least 50% of the total cost.  This ties in with our objectives of “making a big difference with a little money”.

What to do if your project total exceeds £1000

Can you perhaps split this project into stages and just apply for the first stage or perhaps leave out some items to purchase a little later from another source?  If you are applying for an outside speaker, perhaps you can apply to us for the cost of a session with one particular class or year group etc.  

If you really can’t split the project (e.g. a single piece of equipment costing over £1,000) and there is nothing else you need to apply for, you can apply for a contribution (up to £1000) towards a project that has a maximum total cost of £2,000.  However, if you do this, you must confirm that the excess funding is already in place and committed to the project and tell us the source (PTA, department budget etc).

Please select/complete one or more of the following

Individual/small group...
Key stage(s)...
Year group(s)...
Whole school...    Check for yes
Teacher(s) trained...

  • Write about how the equipment/activity/visit/training etc. will help the learning of your pupils and any others you have mentioned in question 4 (e.g.  other local primary children, community groups etc.).
  • Will it help understanding, application, motivation, access to or interest in the subject?  If so, say how.
  • You might also explain if the pupils who will benefit have any particular need for the award e.g. to push and inspire the higher abilities who are coasting or help lower ability or disengaged pupils to close the gap etc.
  • e.g. 1  (L2L)  Having an expert in motivation and revision/learning techniques deliver an assembly and workshops to Y6 will invigorate the cohort in the build up to SATs and teach them (and possibly staff) some invaluable learning techniques.   In particular, the session on… will…
  • e.g.2  (STEM) A small set of specialist, geometry-focused textbooks could improve targeted pupils' understanding and application as it has many worked examples, common mistakes and an extensive bank of past SATs questions (and answers in the teacher's book).  The increase in attainment will be demonstrable in improved test results.  We will also save money from not having to photocopy worksheets each time.  The books should last for at least five years if stored carefully.
  • Do have a look at our “Selecting the successful bids” and “Award Winners” pages to give you more guidance and examples.




By submitting this form, you do so on the understanding that if any of the above is missing, you will be asked to resubmit the application form again and you are also committing to the completion of all feedback forms when requested to do so.

We do not support SPAM and we would never sell your information to anyone. Any correspondence is strictly confidential. We will only use the above information to contact you about your application.