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Over £250,000 Granted to Hertfordshire Primary Schools Since September 2019
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Primary Award Winners 2023/4 - Summary

Primary Award Winners for 2023/24

This table is primarily to check if your school has already been awarded the maximum of £1,000 for this academic year 

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(Focus Key:  MF = Multi-focus  E = English  F = Foundation  STEM = Science, technology, engineering, mathematics  PE = Physical Education)  L2L  = Learning to Learn   O/L = Outdoor Learning)


Autumn Term 2023

Hobletts Manor (MF) 988   Hillshott (E) 1000   Hollybush (STEM) 1000   Kingshill (E) 988
All Saints C/E (STEM) 392   Offley Endowed (E) 760   Graveley (E) 968   Little Reddings (STEM) 1000
St. Michael's C/E (STEM) 830   Therfield First (MF) 596   St. Bernadette Catholic (E) 952   Thundridge (MF) 644
Tonwell St. Mary's (F) 375                  

Spring Term 2024

Moss Bury (STEM)   Wymondley JMI (MF)   St. Margaret Clitherow (English)   Warren Dell (STEM)
Barley First (MF)   Hertingfordbury Cowper (English)   Buntingford First (MF)   Barkway First (MF)
St. Andrew's (F)   Sandon JMI (STEM)   Ashfield (MF)   Oxhey Wood (English)
St. Nicholas Elstree C/E (English)   Nash Mills C/E (STEM)   Leverstock Green C/E (STEM)   Saffron Green (English)
Watton at Stone (O/L)   Camp (English)   Thorn Grove (O/L)   Hartsbourne (STEM)
Merryfield (English)   Gade Valley (English)        

Summer Term 2024

St. Nicholas C/E (STEM)   Markyate Village (English)   Alban City (STEM)   St. Mary's C/E (English)
Cherry Tree (O/L)   Holy Family Catholic (English)   Harvey Road (STEM)   Icknield Walk (English)
St. Roses Catholic (STEM)   Benington Primary (MF))   Thomas Coram (STEM)   Colney Heath (STEM)
Parkgate Junior (STEM)   Wheatfields Junior (English)        

Primary Award Winners: Summer 2024 (Details)

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the summer term of 2024.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

School Location Subject Focus Award Details
St. Nicholas C/E Stevenage STEM A Crumble controller class pack and 3x buggies plus a range of robotic equipment to provide enhance the understanding of the relationship between algorithms and code across the school in a fun, practical and motivational way.  St. Nicholas will train their 24 pupil digital leaders to support teachers and pupils in class with the new equipment, not just in computing but cross-curricularly in English, humanities, DT and science.
Markyate Village St. Albans English Badger Learning book packs for Y1, Y2, LKS2 (Challenge) and new Spring books for 4-11.   The younger books will help re-stock their newly refreshed library space, the Challenge pack will stretch Y3/4 and all the titles feature a wide range of charcters from different backgrounds, cultures and races to help all their children see more protagonists like themselves as well as their friends.
Alban City St. Albans STEM 2x Intelino Smart Trains + expansion packs and a range of other robots and controllers to reduce barriers to the learning of abstract coding concepts like sequence and selection.  Some of the equipment will help bring the youngest children into computing but other items that link to BBC micro:bit technology can be used to stretch the older learners.
St. Mary's C/E Ware English A year-group set of Macbeth texts and a 2x workshops (lower/upper KS2) Macbeth workshops to introduce Shakespeare to children in an exciting,  accessible manner.  The books retell Macbeth in more natural language and understanding is enhanced by engaging illustrations and context notes and the workshops are highly interactive with the pupils using their own words to retell the play with costumes and props supplied.   The school has planned a rich programme of follow-up work to capitalise on the stimuli.
Cherry Tree Watford Outdoor Learning Learning A subsidy for PP pupils to attend a residential course at the Garden Classroom centre with a focus on geography and science curriculum-linked activities.  As well as bringing subject learning to life, the planned activities will also develop their resilience, confidence and independence and help a struggling cohort to bond with each other and their teacher in Year 6.
Holy Family Catholic Welwyn Garden City English A wide range of fiction and non-fiction to refresh their stock of aging library books.  Many of the books have been selected to better reflect the lives and backgrounds of the children at the school and the lives of others to promote a love of reading and understanding people of different backgrounds.   The higher than average proportion of disadvantaged pupils will benefit from having access to the new and exciting books, made easily accessible by the addition of a free library in the playground.
Harvey Road Rickmansworth STEM A selection of indoor and outdoor construction equipment for EYFS and KS1 to support their understanding of curriculum concepts such as the properties of shapes and basic engineering principles with practical and fun tasks.  The equipment will also help vital early-years skills such as collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking and language skills.
Icknield Walk First Royston English 6x Bigmack robust recording/playback devices for a range of SEND children including those with dyslexia for recording their answers and giving them time to write it down,  non-verbal children to give them a "voice" and at independent working stations to playback teacher instructions.  Also, some button-opperated devices for the nurture unit to help their children associate positive results with button pressing.
St. Roses Catholic Hemel Hempstead STEM 5X chromebooks for SEND children to allow them to go through teaching materials and tasks in their own time and/or in a small group or quiet room.  They will also be used to record children's work via photos and film.
Benington Primary Stevenage Multi Focus A wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.  The non-fiction will support their use of the Cornerstones foundation subjects curriculum.  The list includes dyslexic-friendly texts and a range of books on the same topics but accessible to different ages/reading levels.  The bid builds on a successful EdufundUK award from last year and now resources this small school with books to teach across the whole wider curriculum.
Thomas Coram Berkhamsted STEM 5x VU data loggers and charging tray to allow students to independently gather data and generate, compare and explain graphs in science, computing, maths and geography.  The real-life, real-time data will engage pupils and make the data relevant to them and the easy-use data loggers will be a real improvement as they don't have any at the moment.
Colney Heath St. Albans STEM 6x data loggers, 6x pulse meters and motors, buzzers and slide-switches to enhance children's investigation,  data gathering and graphing skills, and enable more hands on experimentation/investigation.  The equipment will be particularly useful in an EEF scientific investigation research project they have signed up for and allow the staff involved in the project to then cascade theory and equipment use down to other teachers.

Primary Award Winners - Spring Term 2024 (Details)

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the spring term of 2024.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

School Location Subject Focus Award Details
Moss Bury Stevenage STEM A class pack of Crumble Controlers, one Sphero robot and six Beebot floor robots with docking station for computing lessons and to extend their computing club offer to KS1 and LKS2.   The equipment will help children of all ages to grasp programing and also be used cross curricularly eg in geography to create routes on a map, in D+T for controlling models such as a fun fair and in science for circuits.
Wymondley JMI Hitchin Multi Focus A 65" interactive touchscreen to enable the school hall to be used for teaching throughout the week as well as for assemblies.  The hall is increasingly needed as a teaching space to allow splitting of mixed-age classes for certain subjects and the teaching of specific groups.  The whiteboard facilities such as slideshows,  interactive quizzes, casting pupil screens and audio-visual presentations will create a new effective teaching space quickly and cheaply.
St. Margaret Clitherow Stevenage English The Pathways to Write programme for the whole school to develop vocabulary, reading and writing using the mastery approach.   With clear lesson plans, presentations and resources all linked to high quality texts, the programme ensures appropriate challenge to all levels and will help the school bring the their writing attainment in line with their reading and maths levels.
Hertingfordbury Cowper Hertford English Dictionaries and a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books to help extend the children's vocabulary and improve spelling as well as integrating the texts into both the reading and writing curriculum.
Barley First Royston Multi An outdoor library to extend their outdoor learning space for both literarcy and cross-curricular learning.  The library will be used for interventions and outside of literacy classes to allow pupils to extend their reading and will be particularly useful for their cross-year reading buddy program and reading with the elderly from a local care home.
Barkway First Royston Multi The same outdoor library as their sister-school, Barley (above) with a focus on younger children, building relationships and assisting transition with the local pre-school.  The outdoor reading area would be a calm and safe space, particularly beneficial for interventions and their nurture group.
Buntingford First Buntingford PE An exercise circuit route to give an exciting warm-up activity to PE lessons and for children to enjoy at break/lunch.  The facility will also be beneficial for sensory/movement breaks for interventions and between lessons.  There are multiple ways around the tracks to provide variety and it can be used competitively or to enhance team work.  
Warren Dell Watford STEM 6x BeeBot robots and 10x tablets.  The BeeBots will make programming concepts more accessible to younger children in an exciting way and also develop teamwork and problem-solving skills.  The tablets will facilitate personalised learning for their high proportion of SEND children to enhance and extend their classroom learning and also be used in homework clube and early/late sessions.
St. Andrews C/E Hitchin Foundation

Jigsaw PSHE scheme (R - Y6) to ensure high quality and smoothly progressing PSHE provision across the school.  The scheme includes comprehensive training,  schemes of work, class and whole school resources to ensure consistency, progression and save teachers preparation time.

Sandon JMI Sandon STEM A Crumble controller class pack, robotics add-on and 5x Rasperry Pi starter kits to support implementation of the new NCCE Teach Computing scheme with exciting and motivating equipment.   Seeing the results of programming playing out in the real world will enhance the learning and development of many aspects of computational thinking such as logic, algorithm design and pattern recognition.  Aimed at KS2 class activities, the equipment can be applied cross-curicularly and will also benefit their coding club.
Ashfield Bushey Multi 7x visualisers to facilitate modelling work, scafflolding learning, live feedback and sharing good examples of pupil work.  Used across many subjects, the visualisers will also be used to record work and learning for evidence, revision and even a class activities blog.
Oxhey Wood Watford English A wide range of fiction and non-fiction books for the library for use during term-time and for the summer-club for children's independent reading and supported sessions.  This will help develop a love of reading which is particularly needes as many of their children do not have many books at home.
St. Nicholas Elstree C/E Elstree English 3x iPads primarily to help individuals and small groups progress their reading with online reading activities such as the online books and activities included in their phonics scheme.  The school has a large proportion of SEND and EAL children and the use of technology for interactive activities will help both motivation and progression. 
Nash Mills C/E Hemel Hempstead STEM A pack of 16x Sphero Mini robots, equipment and activity cards to bring both basic and advanced coding to life for all ages.  The robots can be programmed in many ways including using a joystick, block commands or learner's voice or facial expressions and will thus will also be accessible to SEND children.
Leverstock Green C/E Hemel Hempstead STEM A whole school maaths day workshop including a parental session focussing on reasoning, problem solving and fluency with engaging, fun and challenging activities.  There will be a starter assembly and then every class will benefit from a session followed by a parents' workshop to enable them to help their children with maths homework and learning.
Saffron Green Borehamwood English Initial annual subscription to the Read/Write Inc. phonics scheme which will train teachers in the delivery of phonics as well as allow pupils to access individualised phonics work from home to consolidate and progress their learning.  This will help a large number of struggling pupils reach and hopefully exceed expected reading levels and, if successful, can be funded in future years from the school's literacy budget.
Watton at Stone Hertford Outdoor Learning Training and certification for Level 3 Forest School Leadership and Forest School equipment.  The trained teacher will then cascade her knowledge and skills down to other staff to develop their skills in teaching many outdoor learning activities/topics such as integration with curriculum topics (science, maths, art etc), risk management, ecosystem and environmental as well as the important skills of teamwork, resilience and self-confidence.
Camp St. Albans English A selection of Collins' Big Cat phonics book packs addressing various reading levels to add to their library of phonetic based reading books.  The books will be used throughout the school, especially helping pupil premium children and will give a wider variety of new and exciting texts to keep children motivated and facilitate smooth progression through the levels.
Thorn Grove Bishops Stortford Outdoor Learning Outdoor investigation equipment including a pond explorer class set, 6x underwater viewers, 10x viewing chambers and a weather station with colour display and multi-sensor.  This equipment will be used to bring specific curriculum subjects and topics to life in e.g. in science and geography as well as increasing interest through practical work and skills such as investigation, measuring and teamwork.
Hartsbourne Bushey STEM 5x Data Loggers and charging tray to help implement the Teach Computing framework and increase the level of challenge for children in their gathering,  analysing and presenting data activities.  The devices gather data from various sources/sensors and will help develop skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving as well as providing stimulating, practical activities for computing and science topics.
Merryfield Borehamwood English A range of expertly curated book packs focussing on diversity and inclusion for this school which is in the most deprived LSOA in Hertfordshire and in the most deprived 10% nationally.  The school community is incredibly diverse in terms of languages spoken, minority groups and looked-after children and these new and focussed books will help all the children to feel included and understood.
Gade Valley Hemel Hempstead English Picture books for EYFS/KS1 and Accelerated Reader book packs covering lower and middle years to help improve pupil's fluency, vocabulary and comprehension as well as increasing motivation to read new and exciting books.  The Accelerated Reader system features an online comprehension test for each title with results being stored and analysed to advise whether children are ready to move up through the carefully assigned levels.

Primary Award Winners: Autumn Term 2023

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the autumn term of 2023.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

School Location Subject Focus Amount Award Details
Hobletts Manor Hemel Hempstead Multi- Focus £807 Indoor and outdoor equipment for a new sensory/wellbeing room with access to a garden which will provide a calming environment for de-escalation and allow overwhelmed children to reset and rejoin the class or continue learning in a more beneficial environment for a while.
Hillshott Letchworth English £1000 Little Wandle phonics flash cards and books (phase 3) to greatly expand the paper book offerings and ensure a joined-up approach to reading learning from nursery to Year 2.
Stevenage and N. Herts Writing Project Letchworth English £1800 Another year of our ongoing sponsorship of this fantastic project where (this year) 18 Hertfordshire schools cooperate to explore a common text through a wide range of creative ways inc. drama, art and cross-curricular activities to enhance writing skills.  The project culminates in a celebration awards evening.  An estimated 5,000 children across 160 classes benefit from the extended activities.
Hollybush Hertford STEM 1000 4x iPads to support pupils with high additional learning needs in phonics, English and maths using a wide range of specialised apps.  Learning and programs will be tailored to each child in order to help close the learning gap.
Kingshill Ware English 988 Read Write Inc. Phonics Books and speed sound cards.   The bid includes a pack of 600 black and white copies of the colour books which can be taken home to reinforce learning and which include special parents guidance on teaching their children phonics.
All Saints C/E Bishops Stortford STEM 392 A wide range of maths-focussed books aimed at reception and Year 1 to help embed their new maths scheme.  The books will aid understanding of, and interest in a wide range of maths concepts , especially for SEND children and hopefully encourage them to explore the topics further.
Offley Endowed Hitchin English 760 A selection of KS2 multi-copy book packs to use as Guided Reading texts to replace old and tatty current texts with fresh, long-lasting titles.
Graveley Stevenage English 968 4x sets of 7+ Little Wandle phonics books to develop reading in KS1 after the SSP.  This will really help their significant number of SEN and EAL pupils into KS2 by allowing them to continue with a structured reading program with age-appropriate books.
Little Reddings Bushey STEM 1000 A half-class set of Bee-bots and 6x data loggers to enable every child to take part in coding lessons with real-world outcomes and access the relevant units and skills in KS2 science.
St. Michael's C/E Bishops Stortford STEM 830 2X Marty the Robot to give hands-on, real-world outcomes to their programming as opposed to their existing, purely web-based scheme.  Every year group will have access to the robots to benefit from the fun, motivation and instant, tangible feedback to coding exercises they provide.  Digital leaders in learning will become experts in their use and train other teachers and pupils.
Therfield First Royston MF 596 An outdoor reading shed, cushions and artificial grass for seating and book props to facilitate exciting outdoor reading sessions across the school during lessons and breaks.  A local pre-school would also have access to this calming space.
St. Bernadette Catholic London Colney English 952 Multiple sets of Little Wandle Fluency books (Levels 1-5 and 6-10) which provide structured plans for their use in Guided Reading sessions to ensure the books are completed in 2 weeks and develop children's fluency and prosody,  This project addresses issues raised in a pupil voice survey and ensures each child in a group has their own copy.
Tonwell St. Mary's Ware Foundation 375 3x whole-staff training sessions (History, Art/Design and Computing) to increase staff's content  knowledge and help them identify key teaching areas and plan/monitor progression.
Thundridge Ware Multi Focus 644 Little Wandle book pack to enable much better access to quality phonics books for Reception and Y1 and a large shade sail to allow outdoor whole-class story time and other learning such as English, PE and science when it is hot outside.

Primary Awards Granted: Summer 2023 (Details)

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the summer term of 2023.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

School Location Subject Focus Amount Award Details
Icknield Walk Royston English £170 A "top-up" award for a wide range of books to support the "No Outsiders" scheme.  The books have stories that promote diversity and inclusion and will be rotated amongst all classes each half-term as a class reader and prompt for discussion.
St. John's C/E Welwyn Garden City Multi- focus £976 A range of Bee-bot robots and equipment to support rewritten Computing schemes of work with exciting and motivating equipment which will greatly improve computational thinking and skills such as logical thinking, algorithms, pattern recognition and perseverance.
St Mary's C/E Baldock Outdoor Learning 997 5 days of Forest School teacher training for their pastoral lead to gain a Level 3 qualification.  This will particularly help their SEN and PP pupils enhance their self-esteem, confidence, communication skills and emotional develop and have a knock-on effect for their classroom learning.
Cockernhoe Nr. Luton Foundation 694 A double-sided art easel and a floor pack of building blocks to promote creative play and construction of EY pupils and help them develop their fine motor skills and thinking revision and promoting high quality art and writing.
Holy Family Catholic Welwyn Garden City English 1000 5x Little Wandle phonics book sets for phase 2 and for phase 3 to ensure full access to texts matched to their successful phonics program which will give high quality first teaching in the classroom and enable targeted intervention in Reception and Year 1.
Leavesden JMI Watford Outdoor Learning 927 A range of gardening equipment to reinforce learning of science topics such as plant life cycles, nutrition requirements and structures with hands-on activities.   The garden will also foster a sense of responsibility and curiosity and develop communication and language skills.
Little Reddings Bushey STEM 899 An Apple iPad and 6x Beebot robots for EYFS and KS1 to access the computing curriculum in a practical way which will help their  understanding of abstract concepts.  The iPad will be solely used by the children to access speaking, listening and creativity apps which the Computing Lead has been trained on so she can use them to their full potential.
Little Reddings Bushey MF 98 Gardening equipment to teach children how plants grow and how food is produced and gets to their plate in an exciting, hands-on way which will bring parts of the Science and D/T curriculum to life.
Graveley Stevenage Multi- focus 925 6x Beebot Blue robots and associated equipment and a Crumble Controller pack to enable exciting, hands-on delivery of the programming elements of Computing across KS1 and 2 and develop critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and communication skills.
Brookmans Park Hatfield STEM 900 2 day's of Computer Xplorers' workshops for all R - Y6 to teach and reinforce concepts such as coding, designing, building and controlling as they build their own animal robots.  Group work and debugging tasks will build communication and problem solving skills and staff will build their own skills whilst attending the workshops.
Maple Grove Hemel Hempstead STEM 1000  >50% contribution towards 5x Apple iPads to enable pupils to access revision aids, complete tests and enhance their learning across all areas of the curriculum.  Used for individuals,  in small groups and completing a 1:2 class set, the iPads will facilitate learning using a plethora or apps and recording and sharing work using e.g. Tapestry program.
Benington Stevenage Multi Focus 1000 2x class set of atlases and a wide variety of humanities and science books to resource their newly revamped curriculum.  There is an emphasis on books about courageous advocacy, minority groups and ecology to inspire pupils and help remove barriers to learning.
Cherry Tree Watford Outdoor Learning 1000 A contribution to reduce the cost of 10x PP children attending a residential course which uses forest school teaching to build resilience, independence and confidence and also ties in closely with their geography curriculum.  The experience will also strengthen bonds between classmates and teacher for their final year in primary school.
St. Cross R/C Hoddesdon STEM 450 A class set of Crumble Controllers for KS2 to enable pupils to see and test the outcome of their coding in the real world during programming days and D+T across the key stage and in coding club.
St. Mary's 698 C/E Rickmansworth English 987

A two-focus bid.  1. A class set of Crumble Controllers for Y5 in particular to resource the development of their computing curriculum to incorporate more critical thinking, debugging and physical computing and help them build up to the use of micro-bits in Y6.

2.  A wide range of books for KS2 with engaging plots and characters which also reflect the problems of the real world to enthuse children to read for pleasure, challenge their knowledge and build their vocabulary whilst learning about the world in which they will live and work.

Holtsmere End Hemel Hempstead STEM 1000

A Chromebook charger trolley to facilitate computing in classrooms as their computer suite has had to be repurposed to accommodate SEN children in September.  The school have invested in 30 Chromebooks to enable computing to continue to be taught throughout the school and the trolley should help minimise lost teaching time.

Greenfields Watford English 994

OUP phonics sets and individual books for Y1, particularly to help lower ability children to close the gap and continue their impressive improvement in the phonics check at the end of Y1.  The purchase will allow enough books for one per child to facilitate home reading and capitalise on staff phonics training.


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