Primary Awards Available and Deadlines

Primary Award Funds Remaining: Spring 2: £5,778 *** Summer 1: £5,000

PLEASE NOTE: At present, we can only consider applications from Hertfordshire state-funded primary schools.

 Primary Awards

  • Each School will be eligible to bid for up to £1000 per academic year. This could take the form of one bid for the full amount or be made up of several smaller bids across the academic year.
  • Awards must be linked to the following focus areas - Science, Maths, PE, The Arts and ICT.
    • Primary awards will be limited to a total of £20,000 in the winter term, £25,000 in the spring term and £5,000 in the 1st half of the summer term.
    • From January 2020, the fund will be divided on a half-termly basis.  As schools are awarded grants, a running total of the current half-term's fund will be updated on the Primary Schools' home and application pages.
    • The application window is open from Monday 9th September 2019 until Friday 22nd May 2020, until each half-term's pot runs out.

 School Application/Award Limits

  • Schools may apply as many times they wish but primaries will be awarded a maximum total of £1000 in any one academic year (subject to funds remaining).

As we grow, we will also aim to help schools in other ways e.g:

  • competions with school and pupil prizes.
  • building an easy-to-use database of other organisations that support our objectives and focus areas.
  • recruiting organisations and businesses to supply expert visitors to schools and facilitate pupil and teacher visits/placements.  Schools will then have access to these contacts.
  • Negotiating discounts from suppliers of educational services that fit our focus areas.