How to Apply for a Grant

Minor Award Application Process (up to £1000)

  1. Check:
    • the award will help pupils in a Hertfordshire state-funded secondary school.
    • your application helps teaching/learning in one (or more) of our focus areas - STEM, PE or Effective Learning
    • your school has not applied in this area already this academic year (there's a table of grants awarded above the application form)
    • Part-Funding:  We prefer to fund an entire project as our Minor Awards aim to make a big difference with a little help.  However,  we will consider slightly larger projects as long as our contribution is 50% or more of the total cost.  If you are applying to us to fund part of a project, you must demonstrate that the additional funds are in place/committed to the project.
  1. Fill in the Minor Award application form at any time during the school year (as long as our half-termly pot has not run out - shown above the application form)
  2. That's it. We will get back to you with a decision as soon as we can.

The simple application process and the friendly support are incredible.

 - Barnwell School, November 2019

Major Award Application Process 2021

Main Points

  • All Major Award applications may be submitted any time between 22nd March 2021 and 7th June 2021 (midnight).
  • There will be three Major Awards of £10,000 each.  One Major Award will be given in each of our three focus areas (STEM, Physical Education and Effective Learning). 
  • There will be no Highly Commended or Commended awards (as there have been in previous years).
  • Schools may apply for one Major Award in each focus area (i.e. a maximum of one PE, one STEM and one Effective Learning application per school). 
    • A school may be awarded the Major Award in more than one focus area in each academic year.   We judge each focus area in isolation from the others so, for example, winning the PE Major Award does not affect that school’s chances (positively or negatively) of also winning the STEM Major Award.
    • Minor Awards are given to schools do not affect the Major Award decision in any way.

Application Notes

  • Part-Funding a larger project:  We do prefer the major award to completely fund a project but understand that schools have priorities that cost more than the award amount (usually £10,000 per award).   For this reason, we are happy to accept Major Award applications that contribute towards a larger project as long as our contribution is at least 25% of the total cost of the project.  There will be no negative effect on the grading of a part-funding application.
  • Itemised costings and supplier links: These should be included with the application.  They can be emailed to as a spreadsheet, quote, etc if preferred.
  • There will only be one application form (no extension form for shortlisted schools as in previous years)
  • Help in applying:  We would advise you to read our “Selecting the Successful Bids” page when formulating your bid.  We are also happy to answer email enquiries ( but our reply will be considered by two judges to ensure we are not giving any unfair advantage to any school.


You can register interest for all our awards and grant news here


Grant Application Hints

  1. Major Applications:  Unlike the Minor Awards,  you are competing with other schools for a Major.  More detail and strongly reasoned benefits of the project will help your bid.
  2. The Secondary Award Winners page on our website briefly details many of the successful bids so far and we have a short guide on how we select successful bids.
  3. Part-Funded Bids:  Whereas EdufundUK do prefer to fully fund a particular project, we also appreciate that our maximum award does not always cover the total cost of some initiatives.  We appreciate the commitment and dedication shown by schools when they manage to raise funds towards a project themselves and so are usually happy to consider part-funding on a case by case basis.  However, we usually prefer to be the major contributor and we do need to know any excess funding is secured before we process an award. We reserve the right to ask for proof of additional funding before any awards are made.

 NB:  Due to limited funds, we are unlikely to award grants to buy/replace large amounts of core equipment or textbooks.  Successful applications are usually a specific project to improve teaching and learning  effectiveness (inc. motivation) and/or extend the school’s current offering of subjects and activities.


Post Award Follow-up

A suitable time after you have used your grant, we would like to find out how well it went.  The results can add to our bank of grant awards to help guide schools apply successfully.  To save you time, this will usually be done using a quick online Feedback Form.   You can fill this in any time after you have had a chance to assess the initial impact of your award - we will usually email a reminder to you a term or so after awarding the grant.  If you have any photographs or a short account of your project/equipment in action, we would really appreciate you emailing  a copy for us to put on our website.

For major award winners, we would appreciate a short, informal chat or email about the benefits your idea actually brought to your pupils.  It would also be really useful to talk about any aspects that didn't go so well.  This will help us and you tweak applications in the future so they give the maximum benefit to pupils.  We would also appreciate some “Pupil Voice” feedback e.g. how the grant has helped them and any photographs of the project/equipment etc.

As we do need evidence of the actual use of the charity’s funds, we will not be able to consider further applications unless the feedback form has been completed within a reasonable time frame after our request.