Secondary Major Award Application Form

Secondary Major Award Applications  


Judging should hopefully be completed by the end of June 2021

 Major Awards 2021

Main Points

  • All Major Award applications may be submitted any time between 22nd March 2021 and 7th June 2021 (midnight).
  • There will be three Major Awards of £10,000 each.  One Major Award will be given in each of our three focus areas (STEM, Physical Education and Effective Learning). 
  • There will be no Highly Commended or Commended awards (as there have been in previous years).
  • Schools may apply for one Major Award in each focus area (i.e. a maximum of one PE, one STEM and one Effective Learning application per school). 
    • A school may be awarded the Major Award in more than one focus area in each academic year.   We judge each focus area in isolation from the others so, for example, winning the PE Major Award does not affect that school’s chances (positively or negatively) of also winning the STEM Major Award.
    • Minor Awards are given to schools do not affect the Major Award decision in any way.

Application Notes

  • Part-Funding a larger project:  We do prefer the major award to completely fund a project but understand that schools have priorities that cost more than the award amount (usually £10,000 per award).   For this reason, we are happy to accept Major Award applications that contribute towards a larger project as long as our contribution is at least 25% of the total cost of the project.  There will be no negative effect on the grading of a part-funding application.
  • Itemised costings and supplier links: These should be included with the application.  They can be emailed to as a spreadsheet, quote, etc if preferred.
  • There will only be one application form (no extension form for shortlisted schools as in previous years)
  • Help in applying:  We would advise you to read our “Selecting the Successful Bids” page when formulating your bid.  We are also happy to answer email enquiries ( but our reply will be considered by two judges to ensure we are not giving any unfair advantage to any school.
  • When open, please fill in this form and press the send button.  We advise you to word process your longer answers and paste them into the boxes in case of a submission glitch.  You are very welcome to email any supporting documentation (e.g. a costs spreadsheet) to - just tell us you have done this in the form.

You can register interest for all our awards and grant news here 

Writing a decent funding application takes time and effort as you know and I wanted to share with you the fact that even if you are not successful or have only partial success the effort should not be wasted but that effort could be redirected to achieve success elsewhere.  ...working up the details of the application with the identification of a need, documenting and costing it has created a project that has encouraged support from other sources, the school budget and the PTA, with the result of some very significant additions/improvements to our teaching resources.  
 - Presdales School, November 2019



Secondary School Major Award Application Form

This information needs to be as specific as possible.  Imagine you have the money already and you are ordering the equipment/activity/training etc.

Example:   To replace worn-out multigym equipment and purchase new items. (PE bid) 

The items we would like are:

3x Life Fitness Activate Series Upright Bike 885
2x Life Fitness Activate Series Cross Trainer 5,500
1x Life Fitness Activate Series Treadmill 3,295
2x Life Fitness Row GX Trainer 990
Various skipping ropes and medicine balls 320
TOTAL (ex VAT) £10,990


(We have secured a commitment to the additional £990 funding from the PTA should this bid be successful**)

** Proof of additional funding will be required before an award can be made

Links to each of these items could be given here or in question 2b

Please select/complete one or more of the following

Individual/small group...
Key stage(s)...
Year group(s)...
Whole school...    Check for yes
Teacher(s) trained...

This is your chance to explain how your project is going to benefit your pupils, point out any particular groups that will benefit (with reasons) and give an indication how long the project will keep conferring benefits to cohorts of pupils.

Example:  A Learning Week  (Effective Learning bid)

(the week starts on a scheduled INSET day with outside experts coming in to train staff in accelerated learning methods.  The experts then give workshops to pupils throughout the rest of the week.  A two-year subscription to an online, interactive accelerated learning program from a different supplier is also part of the bid.)

The INSET day will help all staff revise, learn and apply a wide range of accelerated learning techniques to their teaching.  The techniques covered on the day include speed reading/skimming, effective note taking, memory techniques, mind-mapping, motivation/focus and revision strategies.   These techniques will be useful across a huge range of subjects and topics e.g....   They will also motivate pupils to learn because...  We are confident these techniques will enhance learning because...

The outside instructor workshops will be an effective way to excite and engage the pupils about the techniques and a further opportunity for staff to see first-hand how to embed them into teaching these specific students. 

Finally, the interactive accelerated learning program revises most of the workshop techniques and teaches additional strategies using many examples and has short, interactive quizzes, templates and videos.  Sessions can be incorporated into lessons and set for homework etc.  The two years will be long enough to really benefit current students and give us time to budget for future subscriptions.

We will be able to monitor the success of these techniques in many ways including...  The strongest benefit is that, with the teachers being trained, then the improvements should continue year after year for each cohort they teach.

What difference will your activity/experience/resource make to the school's normal, core provision?

Example 1:  A lathe and laser cutter (STEM bid)

A high quality, multi-material lathe and a laser cutter would allow new technology courses to run (e.g. the new “T” level in Engineering and Manufacture) and facilitate previously inaccessible modules in existing courses.  Additionally, after-school D and T clubs could be expanded and Young Enterprise teams could manufacture their own products.  Year 5 and 6 pupils from feeder primary schools could have technology days and the local craft club could hire the workshop.   


Example 2:  An outside learning area (Effective Learning bid)

Providing a pond and nature area and stocking it with plants and workspaces would have obvious advantages for practical biology lessons but would also give effective learning benefits across the curriculum from working outdoors such as...   Mentoring sessions could take place in this different setting and we would be able to set up an environment club for the first time.  It could be a break-time reward area.  Feeder primary schools could have regular nature sessions there and local conservation and gardening clubs could be involved with stocking and maintenance.  

We do not support SPAM and we would never sell your information to anyone. Any correspondence is strictly confidential. We will only use the above information to contact you about your application.