Amwell View communicate a multi-use bid for iPads

We are very pleased to grant Amwell View an award for three iPads to be used mainly in science lessons. 

Amwell View is a school that provides education for 150 children with Severe and Complex Learning Difficulties and Deborah Harlow (Network Manager) explained that the iPads would be used:

“…to film the children and the short video clips are uploaded onto Tapestry, this is then used to provide evidence of progress.  …assessment videos are used to monitor progress, across the curriculum and across all year groups. This would enable a seamless and consistent provision so that performance tracking is monitored and measured against targets for all children as they progress through the school.”

We would have considered just using the iPads as cameras as being poor value for money but Deborah also explained they would have other important uses such as being…

“…used interactively to improve communication by using software such as Proloquo and Grid3, to improve the children's fine motor skills, they can also be used as a visualizer thus creating differentiated meaningful learning experiences.”