Chancellors have “bin” there and dumped that!

We were pleased to grant Chancellors a STEM award to design and make a series of recycling bins made from recycled/recyclable materials to be placed in every classroom and office around the school.  As James Field (Head of Technology) explained, the project will develop and enhance many areas of curriculum knowledge as well as skills such as teamwork:

“In addition to the students that head up the team in Sustain we have since discussed creating an additional team that can support the manufacture of the bin units.  This new team will be created by offering to all students in all year groups.

They, as well as the Sustain leadership committee will:

  • Design the units using 2D design, taking into account standard sack sizes (capacity maximised).
  • Take into account Design and Technology practices in reducing wasted material and creating an effective and strong unit.
  • Test as appropriate and modify design.
  • Manufacture using our laser cutter during dedicated lunchtimes.
  • Assemble and distribute. “

The project will also have other real-life benefits for all pupils by:

  • “raising awareness and support the environment by increasing the amount that we recycle.
  • (pupils) taking responsibility for the waste they produce.
  • Raising the profile of the school as a Beacon of Excellence for sustainability.”