Haileybury Turnford Get a “Suite” Deal!

Haileybury Turnford have made a successful PE Minor Application for free weights and other non-cardio equipment.  They are setting up a fitness suite with cardio machines and wanted to extend the provision to offer the full range of activities.

The bid certainly ticked our  “number of students benefitting” box, as Sian Ashby, Head of PE, wrote in her bid: 

“This would support the entire school community of over 800 students within core PE lessons as well as GCSE course at KS4 and A Level course for our sixth form students. This would provide us with the opportunity to develop students’ knowledge of fitness aspects, testing and basic muscle management within their lessons. We would also utilize the new equipment as an extra-curricular club.”

EdufundUK have quite a tradition of supporting various aspects of gym/fitness suite bids as we believe many “switched-off” pupils will be open to this form of exercise as they see adults paying for gym membership.  These bids especially help pupil premium students who would perhaps find it difficult to access gym sessions outside of school.  The variety of exercise available helps pupils find their strengths and to set them on a path of lifelong fitness and the facilities also help potential elite sportswomen and men focus on the areas they really need to develop.