Herts and Essex High School net an award.

There are big expansion plans afoot at The Herts and Essex High School and we are proud to help out a little by providing two netball posts for their new sports hall. 

We struggled a little with this application as we shy away from part-funding a project that has not yet been fully funded (as the money might be sitting in a bank account for years doing no one any good).  However, when Hayley Jones, Head of PE, explained that the sports hall part of the expansion was completely financed, we were very keen to help furnish it with equipment.

The bid was made all the stronger by the fact the new hall is going to be open for community use outside of school hours/clubs, including providing a home for a top-flight, local Judo club.

We wish Herts and Essex the best of luck securing funding for the rest of their expansion plans including outside tennis/netball courts and an astro-turf pitch.