Highfield pen a strong maths application.

We were pleased to award The Highfield School an award to buy seven pen tablets for maths staff to use in the classroom and when marking online work.  As Abby Smith (Head of Mathematics) explained:

“This would give us the ability to be able to write on our PowerPoints and whiteboards whilst being able to socially distance in the current circumstances and allowing us to move around the room with our students and edit the front screen (in regular circumstances) to be able to adjust our teaching as we go.

They will also help us to be able to feedback to students in a safe way where we can annotate the work they have completed. Writing feedback for Maths can be more challenging for online work due to the requirement to regularly write symbols, which this would therefore make feedback of a higher quality for online work when we can do so efficiently. Once students have received high quality feedback they will develop their understanding of a topic.

This will help to engage all of our students but especially those lower ability students who need motivation to continue. In particular, if they are receiving high quality feedback regularly, they have a starting point of how to keep progressing.”