Holy Family School swap lock-down for the great outdoors.

We are very pleased to award the Holy Family Catholic School a grant towards creating an outdoor learning area.  The project will include many wonderful elements such as a fire-pit, a pond, class seating, raised beds, a bug hotel, bird boxes, children’s tools and plants.

Jackie Willcocks (School Business Manager) explained the benefits:

“This would be available to the whole school to enable and encourage teaching outdoors.

The children would benefit from this resource as many of them do not explore the outdoors with their families. It would really help them to discover and learn about nature and show them how to continue their learning outdoors. The children would benefit from collaborative working and provide positive healthy benefits both physically and mentally and assist with gross and fine motor development, it will help children who struggle emotionally and find it difficult to express their feelings and help them develop a lifelong love of the outdoors. The benefits of having an outdoor learning experience can help children grow in confidence, forge relationships and increase their self-esteem.”

Jackie also explained that the outdoor area will not only benefit their children but also…

“We have a school that is right next door to us, there is a fence dividing the 2 schools, we want to put a gate up at the end of the field so that they can enter the back of our school field to use this facility.”