Icknield scientists solve a crime!

We are very pleased to award Icknield Infant/Nursery (Letchworth) a grant for a forensic science workshop delivered by the Education Group.  The whole school (Foundation Stage and KS1) will take part in class groups to give them all a “WOW” start to Science Week.

As Fiona Gascoigne, Office Manager, explained in her bid:

Having the workshop will allow the children to experience hands on activities that they would not otherwise have access to and experience different ways of learning. We particularly hope the workshop will help close the gap for disadvantaged children.

We are always keen when any subject/topic is delivered in a different way to help promote effective learning and heighten children’s enthusiasm.  The workshop shows how science is used in the real world by using a hands-on approach:

Our young investigators must tape off the area in order to protect any evidence. Clues and evidence must be identified, collected, interpreted and analysed. These include fingerprints, impressions, hairs and fibres and 'blood', bones and DNA.

Can you solve the mystery?