Kingsway give us food for thought in design and technology

We were delighted to award Kingsway Junior School (Watford) a grant for equipment to introduce the Cooking element of the primary design and technology curriculum.   Amanda Akers (Teacher) wrote a very convincing bid which gave many benefits of being able to deliver this subject e.g.:

“Cooking and food can be taught through topics, be a topic itself, provide a focus for literacy, numeracy and link to growing. Learning cooking and food skills also prepares pupils for transition to secondary school where they will be taught more formal food technology with opportunities to further develop their skills.

Eating healthily is now more topical than ever. With the recent research highlighting obesity as a factor in struggling with viruses – its so important children learn healthy eating at an early age and can then educate their parents. This then links to exercise and PE so that children can understand the two go hand in hand with each other.”

Amanda went on to explain how other subjects can be reinforced and applied to cooking:

“Maths – measurement, money through helping the new PTA in sales and costings. Children to measure, make and then sell

Science – changing state / properties, healthy eating, teeth, digestion.

Learning about different cultures through food – lots of food tasting on countries that children are studying in Geography. Year 5 – Yucatan, Year 6 – Mexico (Mayans)”

Amanda also argued for the wider benefits of children being able to cook healthily outside of the school setting:

“…When children eat better, they are more alert in lessons and have energy throughout the day by eating a balanced diet, even as much as having breakfast. This would help to improve attainment and progression.

…To use the equipment to hold weekly cooking workshops for vulnerable children and PPG children to experience real life cooking that they may not access at home.  They will be taught how to cook healthy and nutritious meals with the emphasis on using food that is easily assessable and cheap.”