Maple Grove tap keyboard resources

We were very pleased to help Maple Grove Primary (Hemel Hempstead) buy 5 Chrome books to add to their existing 10.  This would give them a half-class set which is much more effective than 3 pupils trying to share one machine.

Another strength of the bid was the fact that using laptops does give certain benefits over touchscreen technology.  As Bella Bacon, Computing Coordinator, explained:

Research has found that the use of touchscreen is causing children to loose skills such as proficient mouse and keyboard operation, meaning that when they arrive in secondary school, they are less able than the curriculum demands.


School Feedback

Last year you were able to help us with the purchase of some Chromebooks. This has emabled two classes to be able to use computers at the same time. Since their purchase, we have been able to use them as a very helpful class tool, not only for the computing curriculum but across all of the curriculum. Here is some of the learning that the children have greatly benefitted from:
  • Daily practise, using an online tool called TTRockstars, in preparation for the (now postponed) year 4 multiplication check. The year 4 class progressed from around 25% of the class acheiving an age related standard to around 75% achieving an age related standard or above.
  • Before school, we have been running a reading club using a tool called Reading Eggs. This helps children, particularly those who struggle with reading, to progress their reading independently. We have also found that children who find it difficult to settle in the mornings have found it easier to settle - through motivation to learn!
  • This academic year our year 2 class have been able to develop more proficient keyboard skills earlier than in previous years as chromebooks are easier for them to access, quick to start up and easier to use. An example is the lack of a capslock key. When you are 6/7 and need to learn how to type a captial letter it can be quite challenging!
  • Research during foundation subject lessons is also easier due to ease of access, particularly in the older year groups.
Most recently during lockdown, they have been invaluable. We have been able to give each child, currently in school, access to their own allocated machine. Obviously this has meant that we do not have to sanitize them between uses.
To this end, we would like to thank you for the grant, as you can see we have put it to great use which will continue to benefit the children in the future.