Roving reporters create tablet tabloids at Chauncy!

We were very pleased to award Chauncy School an Effective Learning award for 5 tablet computers for their school reporters club which draws pupils from across the key stages.  As Laura Saunders, Head of Media Studies, put it:

“Having tablets will enable students to be mobile and report on news around the school. Be able to film, take photos and instantly edit and upload them… It will give students from all year groups a chance to collaborate together and develop their confidence and awareness of the media, technology, using editing software and be able to record live footage and interviews to upload instantly.”


We thought the skills of note-taking, selecting, editing and mixing media to pass on information or make an argument and collaboration were excellent effective learning skills that can be used in many areas of the curriculum and “real life”.  The awareness of how news is gathered and reported and assessing its possible biases are also extremely valuable in these days of unregulated social media and “fake news”.