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Over £156,000 donated to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools since January 2018
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Rickmansworth Table a Strong Bid.

Edufund UK are delighted to award Rickmansworth School a PE Minor Award to fund 5 table tennis tables and equipment. 

The PE department ran a student voice surveying what students would prefer to help enrich their PE experiences.  As Rafferty Gunn, Head of PE wrote in his application:


"The results came back that students would love the opportunity to participate in table tennis. We are looking at ways to get all students active and I fundamentally believe the money would increase participation for both boys and girls."


The tables will be used in lessons and afterschool clubs and encourage students to participate in local tournaments where there is some strong competition.



Hello David,

 I just wanted to share how happy the students are with the tables. They've created a buzz around P.E and some rivalries amongst staff!!  (See Photo)

 Thank you!


Roving reporters create tablet tabloids at Chauncy!

We were very pleased to award Chauncy School an Effective Learning award for 5 tablet computers for their school reporters club which draws pupils from across the key stages.  As Laura Saunders, Head of Media Studies, put it:

“Having tablets will enable students to be mobile and report on news around the school. Be able to film, take photos and instantly edit and upload them… It will give students from all year groups a chance to collaborate together and develop their confidence and awareness of the media, technology, using editing software and be able to record live footage and interviews to upload instantly.”


We thought the skills of note-taking, selecting, editing and mixing media to pass on information or make an argument and collaboration were excellent effective learning skills that can be used in many areas of the curriculum and “real life”.  The awareness of how news is gathered and reported and assessing its possible biases are also extremely valuable in these days of unregulated social media and “fake news”.

Parmiter’s promote performance under pressure!

We had to think very hard about Parmiter’s Effective Learning bid for First Aid Training to all Year 9 students.  The project did not easily fit into our Effective Learning criteria, but we were keen to award the money if possible as you can’t put a price on saving a life and First Aid is such an important life-skill for people of any age to have.

We decided that First Aid training’s practical, hands-on learning experience, coupled with developing teamwork and the confidence to think calmly and clearly under pressure were effective learning skills that could be applied to other areas of the curriculum as well as to this vital knowledge and skill base.

Saving a life also ties in with the school's motto:  nemo sibi nascitur - do unto others as you would have them do unto you (yes, I had to Google the translation).

Chauncy addresses current curriculum demands!

We are delighted to award Chauncy School a Minor STEM award for five Ammeters/Voltmeters and power packs.  These were to help the school gear-up for the new GCSE required practicals as much of their existing equipment was “old and battered”.  In addition, the new equipment will help Y7 parents, potential Y6 and local primary schools:

“Welcome to Chauncy evening, involves us demonstrating required practical to year 7 parents and Open Evening involves using the equipment below to demonstrate physics required practicals to potential year 6 students.

Chauncy Community day involves using the equipment below to demonstrate simplified versions of required practicals to years 2,3,4 and 5 students from Local primary schools.”

Broxbourne’s bid is off the spectrum!

We were very pleased to award a STEM minor award to the Broxbourne school to purchase three infrared cameras.  As Allison Pilbeam, Head of Science, explained in her application:

 “…we can run a projects where students in KS3 and KS4 science can monitor the infrared energy being 'lost' into the environment from the school buildings. This would be part of their learning in physics (Energy dissipation and insulation) and give them an understanding of the importance of energy efficiency in buildings.”

 The cameras will help learning about energy transfer, dissipation and insulation as well as bringing to life environmental issues:

 “This would start students' thinking about the need for effective building insulation to reduce unwanted thermal energy transfer from buildings. This is all to do with conserving resources and reducing carbon emissions which affects the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is highly important for students to grasp this concept as global citizens.”

Watford Grammar School for Boys - Effective Learning Major Award 2019 - WINNER

WGSB are the deserving winners of the 2019 Effective Learning Major Award.   Geoff Curwen, Assistant Headteacher, constructed a detailed and wide-ranging bid for expert effective learning workshops across the school, staff INSET, parental workshops and specialist books.

The school launched their whole school “WBGS Learner – Developing a Learn to Learn Culture” program a year ago relying mainly on internal staff expertise.  They have now reached a stage where both pupils, parents and staff would massively benefit from bringing in outside experts.

Geoff’s bid was to bring in InnerDrive, specialists in growth mindset, metacognition and stress management strategies, to take their WBGS Learner program to the next level.

InnerDrive will deliver workshops to every pupil in years 7-10 and 12, two and a half days of staff INSET and parental workshops for each of years 7-9.  The school will also purchase a class set of pupil books and teacher books for each department.

Pupil workshops will cover a wide range of effective learning techniques from growth mindset, through communication and concentration techniques to “The Mastery Mindset”.  Parents will learn about growth mindset, understanding the teenage brain (good luck with that one!) and helping children revise.  The books are a graphic led, entertaining digest of many learning studies from across the globe with each one concluding in action points for pupils and lesson planning tips for teachers. 

This wide-ranging set of techniques, directly benefitting so many pupils and helping parents become effectively involved with their child’s learning, was a real strength of the bid.  Our always-important longevity box was well and truly ticked by the teacher training which will benefit pupils for decades to come.

WGBS’s bid promises to embed the training deep within the school as part of a three-year development plan and particular focus will be to close the current attainment gap between their 77 pupil premium students and the rest of the school.  The techniques and activities will form part of the Y7 transition program to ensure effective learning becomes the norm all through the school.



In November 2019, as part of our feedback programme, Geoff informed us of the initial impact of the programme...


It has been brilliant! Staff, students and parents have all given very positive feedback on the sessions. Staff now feel they have more understanding about what 'resilient learner' means and have been given concrete examples and ideas of how they can encourage their students to be learners and what are some of the key drivers in terms of student motivation. To date Year 9 parents have a had a session on the 'teenage brain' and say this has resulted in them feeling more able to understand ( and therefore support) their child at home. We have student 'effective learner' sessions planned for later this year and these willl provide a connection for them to our focus on the schools 16 (desired)learning attributes. An unseen benefit has been the relationship we have established with InnerDrive, that I am sure will continue beyond this year 


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