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Over £179,000 donated to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools since January 2018
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19/20 Secondary Major Awards: Highly Commended – Parmiter’s School

Tom Clarke (Head of PE) won one of our Highly Commended Awards (£5,000) with an impressive PE bid for fitness suite equipment.

The project would integrate well with Parmiter’s school-wide push on personal fitness which involves many different aspects and ties in with a Sport England study they are involved in on how best to engage KS4 girls with sport.  The school also works in partnership with the Thomas Partner Sports Centre – the site is used extensively at the weekends – and the grant would enable them to re-introduce the fitness suite in the available facilities.

Tom was careful to explain the specific benefits of the project to different  cohorts of pupils e.g.

“The use of the fitness suite in lessons will allow the students to appreciate the importance of staying physically fit. The personal challenge that it offers them through our structured curriculum and targeted challenges will aid both their mental health as well as their ability to understand what changes the body is going through.

The disadvantaged students programme we offer (known as LEAP, CLIMB and SHINE) will also benefit from using this. Most are under financial hardship and the opportunity for the students to use a public facility like this will be unlikely. They are likely to benefit from relief of stress as well as the physical aspect. The Pupil Premium students will benefit from the use of the fitness suite during their targeted breakfast club.

I am hoping that the use of the fitness suite will also benefit the study at both GCSE and A-Level PE where students will be able to use the equipment for studies on the effects of exercise in the exercise physiology unit as well as the muscular contractions and joint actions sections of the GCSE specification.

“This project will not only be worthwhile for the students and community use which in turn will generate an income, but staff usage will prove to be invaluable.  In the past staff used to use this facility as a staff perk until it became unsafe and now staff pay for a gym membership in the local gym.”

We look forward to hearing which aspects Tom has prioritised for the HC Award.


"...wanted to let you know that we finally have the gym refurbished last week.   It is absolutely amazing how different it is and for your support and as a catalyst for the project, I am extremely grateful."

19/20 Secondary Major Awards: Commended – Bishops Hatfield Girls School (EL)

BHGS won the second of our unplanned Commended Awards (£1,000) towards a cohesive bid for “expert external training for pupils and staff in independent learning skills, stress management workshops for pupils approaching their GCSE exams and improving access to support around wellbeing by improving our school website and establishing a lending library of books on the subject.”

Backed up by needs identified in a whole-school survey, the project would develop study skills such as conceptual learning and dynamic reading as well as majoring in wellbeing (inc. stress management) training for staff and pupils.  These essential skills would be embedded in learning through subsequent staff training, refresher workshops and seminars.  In addition, a lending library of well-being books and an extra resource area on their website would keep the benefits available for pupils, parents and staff.

Sophy Lawrence (Mental Health Lead and HOY) ensured each aspect of the bid was backed up with it’s benefits clearly explained e.g:

“There is a clear link between independent study skills and attainment as well as pupil wellbeing and making exceptional progress. This award would enable us to empower our pupils with innovative and meaningful strategies for study and revision which will lead to reduced stress around exams. This will improve pupil wellbeing and their quality of life which will lead to them being more able to achieve their potential.  This is a need that staff have identified and that our pupils themselves have raised as an area of difficulty.”

Although obviously disappointed not to have won the full award, Sophy has already decided to spend the £1,000 on aspects of the wellbeing library and website redesign.  They hope the amount will increase the number of books and pages over and above the original bid which would facilitate two excellent, long-lasting resources for the entire school community.

19/20 Secondary Major Awards: Commended – Bishops Hatfield Girls School (STEM)

Bishop’s Hatfield Girls School won an unplanned Commended Award (£1,000) towards a strong bid for a range of practical science equipment, Chromebooks and visualisers.

Isabelle Fautrero-Sayer (School Development Officer) coordinated the bid which aimed to address progress in science and maths not being as high as some other subjects.  Isabelle argued that the acquisition of practical equipment would help in a number of ways:

Through this project, we aim to raise students’ educational achievement in Science and Maths at both GCSE and A level.  Furthermore, we wish to stimulate increased interest in Science and Maths, thereby encouraging more girls into STEM career paths.  A review of these areas has led us to conclude that we need to do this through:

- Engaging students in the subjects through investment in enhanced visual tools more interactive equipment to support teaching, with technology to bring science to life.  This will improve learning through a greater understanding of advanced and often complex theories and techniques.

- Providing specialist equipment to support thorough investigation and analysis of practical science that stretch and challenge students.  These skills are vital for achievement in the revised GCSE and A level courses.

Isabelle then went on to analyse and explain the specific benefits of practical activities in science such as engagement, visual learning, developing investigative and analytical skills and giving equal opportunities.

The bid also explained how the equipment would benefit pupils and staff from outside the school including their sixth form consortium, a regular primary links programme and trainee teachers at the school.

Although we are always disappointed not to be able to give the full award to all the excellent major bids, we look forward to hearing what part of their bid BHGS will spend their Commended Award money on.

Secondary Major Award Winners 2020

19/20 Secondary Major Award Winners

EdufundUK are excited to announce the Major Award Winners for 2020:


Winner (£10,000):  Bishop’s Hatfield Girls School  (PE bid)

Isabelle Fautrero-Sayer (School Development Officer) coordinated an excellent bid for equipment and training to introduce cricket into the school curriculum.


Highly Commended (£5,000): Ashlyns School (PE bid) 

John Preston (Head of PE) won funds towards replacing the school’s worn-out long-jump pit.


Highly Commended (£5,000):  Parmiter’s School (PE bid)

Tom Clark (Head of PE) won the HC award towards multi-gym equipment.


Commended (£1,000):  Bishops Hatfield Girls School (Effective Learning bid)

Sophy Lawrence (Mental Health Lead/HOY) won an (unplanned) award towards her bid for a cohesive package of activities/resources including workshops in study skills and stress management, establishing a lending library of wellbeing/stress management books and corresponding pages to their website and staff training.  


Commended (£1,000):  Bishops Hatfield Girls School (STEM bid)

Isabelle Fautrero-Sayer (again!) coordinated a bid for a package of science equipment, visualisers and Chromebooks to raise achievement in STEM through more practical work.


We will post a more detailed account of these bids shortly.


This year, PE was certainly the most successful area and one school won three awards.  Although it could be argued a greater spread of focus areas/schools would be preferable, we hope this demonstrates that our judges rely on our impartial mark scheme to assess all bids consistently regardless of school or focus area.

Reach Free School KINdle a passion for a new sport.

We are very excited to grant a PE minor award to The Reach Free School for a starter set of Kin-Ball equipment. 

If, like us, you didn’t know much about Kin-Ball, here’s an excerpt from

Kin-Ball, is a team sport created in Quebec, Canada in 1986 by Mario Demers, a physical education professor, in which the main distinctive characteristics are the big size of the ball (1.22 meters in diameter) and that the matches are played among three teams at the same time instead of traditional one-vs-one like the most of the team games. The International Kin-Ball Federation counts 3.8 million participants, primarily from Canada, the U.S., Japan, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Malaysia, China. The newest country is the UK. Kin-Ball UK formed in 2018

We have happily supported a number of emerging sports being introduced into schools recently as we think the novelty, variety and fun they provide can engage all abilities and ages.  As Katie Townsend, Deputy Head of PE, explained in her application:

“We intend on using this equipment with our disengaged pupils in order to provide them with alternative sports to the traditional sports we currently offer at school. We will use the Kin ball equipment during core PE lessons with KS3-5 and offer this an extra-curricular activity after school for all year groups. We intend to use Kin ball as one our 'House Games' competitions within our House system to promote teamwork, communication and pupil leadership.  We will also use the equipment with our Cambridge National GCSE group to demonstrate and introduce the idea of emerging sports.”

We are always impressed when a new activity, subject or learning method is also planned to be disseminated to pupils outside of the bidding school.  The Reach Free School are aiming to do just that with this exciting new sport:

“If we had the equipment, we would be the Hub school within our School Sports Partnership that would promote Kin Ball events and competitions against other schools. We have a Family of 7 local primary schools within our Partnership that we could also host sporting events for. This would have a wider impact on the local community and promote an emerging sport.”

Longdean can see clearly now!

We are very pleased to award Longdean an Effective Learning grant for two high-spec visualisers and 5 webcams.

It always strengthens a bid when a school has gathered opinions and research for a project.  Tracy Doyle, Finance Director, did just this:

“Comments from a science teacher: 'The history dept used the webcam solution to model the marking of assessments to show how to improve the kids’ answers. I've done similar on a modelled exam paper with the visualiser. The kidney dissection I did at my last school worked well on the visualiser as I could easily zoom to show the different sections and freeze it easily while I manoeuvred the organ.”

Thinking carefully about the most effective resource(s) for the project is also a big plus to any application.  The same science teacher also explained:

 "The zoom also tends to be optical not digital so you can use it akin to a weak microscope; I've been able to get reasonable definition on things like onion cells from what I remember as well as show silver crystals growing on a copper wire. To be honest, this is the make or break function - for marking etc. the webcam solution would be absolutely fine and a fraction of the price but for truly specialist uses you can't beat optical zoom.”

Our Effective Learning focus area is open to bids from any subject in schools and we are particularly impressed when the project will be of benefit across many subjects.  Although initially inspired from an observation visit to another secondary school by the food technology department, the visualisers and web cams will be bookable across the school – a great dissemination of an effective learning strategy.

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