St. Paul’s take their reading corner straight outside.

We were pleased to award St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School (Cheshunt) an English Award to set up an outdoor library.  The award includes a large, wooden reading corner (shed), a map of the world rug, beanbags and a wide range of books to stock the shelves.

Donna Rolt (Assistant Headteacher) explained the need for the facility:

 "Our school has limited space for a library and we use widened parts of the corridors and nooks at the moment. A large wooden outdoor library would enable us to give a platform where our teachers can support and facilitate children to make meaning while reading. We can transform the physical space of the outdoor library to create a conducive, lively and inviting space for reading for all of our children.”

Donna went on to point out some of the benefits of the space:

“…it can promote and support leisure-time reading, contribute to the social development of the students in our school and provide a place to study and do homework. It can provide a safe haven for all students to think, create, share, and grow.”