The Grove construct an outdoor bid that hits the right note.

We are very happy to award The Grove Junior School funds to buy a great selection of outdoor building and music equipment including planks, crates, den-making resources and a grab-and-go music playground set. 

We love it when the children themselves come up with well-thought-out ideas for resources.  As Amanda Hutson, PE Coordinator explained:

“At The Grove Junior School we have a well-established programme of play leaders and sports captains during lunch and break times. These teams are led by Teaching Assistants and the staff Sports Coaches who liaise with the pupils to deliver a variety of engaging activities. The Play Leaders have themselves identified that there is a lack of creative and imagination resources which would benefit many children in a different way.

…Our Play Leaders would love to offer den building, creative crate challenges and musical performances in their active area and have asked the school to source the following resources…”

As valuable as creative/constructive play is to learning, development and fun, especially when led by older pupils, Amanda also plans to use the equipment in a more targeted way during lesson times:

“Learning and being physically active outside the classroom through outdoor activities is known to have significant educational benefits and we would like to use the equipment not only for the whole school, but especially our nurture groups to help develop their social skills as well as overcoming challenges and sharing decisions. The Creative Active Area is also intended to help some children dealing with anxiety, fear and physical stress. We hope to enable the children to develop their communication skills, problem solving and decision making, encouraging a positive 'opting in' and 'can do' attitude which translates back into class time.

The different approach is to be used to motivate children and enhance their interest in science, forces, tension, structures, sound both in lessons and in group work. Our specialist music teacher is already gathering ideas for outdoor lessons using the equipment.”