The Reach throw their hat into the ring!

Boxing seems to be becoming a popular form of exercise in schools and so we were delighted to fund a round of training from Boxercise for 8 staff at The Reach Free School.

As Matt Sutton, Head of PE, put it in his application: “the trained staff will be able to lead lessons for all students during our healthy and active lifestyles units of work, engaging them with classes that represent the real world of fitness. This will hopefully give them a lifelong interest in fitness and personal wellbeing.

Support staff will be able to incorporate the activities into our mentoring programme and students will be able to select it as an elective club. The mentoring programme would mean some of our most vulnerable students could be engaged to talk and grow in confidence from small group work with their designated members of staff.”

We were very impressed with The Reach’s programme of elective activities at the end of the normal school day and their commitment to foster a life-long enjoyment of exercise in all their pupils.  Extending boxing’s promotion of self-confidence coupled with self-discipline to small groups of vulnerable students greatly enhanced their bid, especially as they plan to have a non-PE mentor participate in the training.