Tonwell hit the right tone and K'Nect with a second bid!

We are very pleased to award Tonwell St. Mary’s Primary a Arts Primary Award for a cacophony of musical instruments including percussion sets, a Yamaha keyboard, glockenspiels, a Rainbow Range instrument set and notation whiteboards.

Tonwell are a tiny school of 42 pupils and have a very small budget which makes large, non-core purchases like this very difficult to afford.  All children will have access to the instruments during their music/performing arts lessons and also after school in their wraparound provision.  The award should really help the pupils who are underachieving in music at the moment due to lack of equipment and we wish them well… perhaps we should have included some ear-defenders for the teachers!


I should have done a before and after photo... This is the after. Our music resources were minimal and poor quality before. The Edufund money has paid for 95% of what you see in the photo. 

Our school is so grateful for the funding of this equipment. As a small school, we would never be able to prioritise music on this scale from our main budget or even from our fundraising. The donation will make a significant difference to the delivery of our music curriculum for now and for the future.

Thank you to everyone involved with Edufund. It is really going to make a difference at our school.

Tonwell St Mary’s K’Nect with a second bid

Hannah Robinson-Moore, Science Coordinator at Tonwell St Mary’s, took full advantage of our open invitation to primary schools to make further bids if they haven’t used up their £1000 maximum in the academic year.  We were very pleased to award Hannah a grant to buy various sets of K’Nex equipment including Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys, Gears and Bridges.  Hannah made a good case for their second application:

Last year the children in KS2 took part in a K'Nex challenge. Unfortunately, they were not able to get the most out of the sessions because of their lack of experience with practical STEM resources. The teachers recognised the potential of K'Nex in engaging the children in meaningful, exciting STEM learning experiences, so this year we would like to invest in K'Nex supplies, not only for the K'Nex challenge, but also for science and maths lessons and the children's topic learning, such as Roman bridges and Ancient Greek catapults.