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Over £90,000 Granted to Hertfordshire Primary Schools Since September 2019
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Letchmore create a hardware/software/training mash-up

We were pleased to be able to fund 3 Chromebooks for Letchmore Infants School (Stevenage). 

The touchscreen tablets will be used as part of a complete class set and for individual/small group work in conjunction with staff training, Google support and specialist software (inc. Purple Mash – coding, writing, creative, tracking software).

As Jo Harding, Co-Headteacher, explained:

“The award would be a huge benefit to our children as it will enable us to fully implement the computing curriculum. The chromebooks will be much better suited to the age of our children and meet all of their ICT needs.

We aim to inspire our children through creative software available through the use of chromebooks and this work will link to topics covered. The software will also assist the teachers with planning, assessment and online support.”

Mandeville find a tablet for all needs.

We were very pleased to buy the final 4 iPads for Mandeville school to complete a half-class set which they had managed to fund from generous PTA donations.

James Dickenson, Assistant Head, wrote a persuasive application in which he explained the wide range of children who would benefit from the iPads:

“-It would provide a portable translation device to allow EAL access and access to dual language texts, enabling them to engage in class activities more fully.
- PPG and vulnerable children can use them beyond the curriculum during summer school and help access new experiences - this extends their experiences beyond their normal home life during the summer holidays - this brings benefits in engagement on returning to school.
- For SEN children they will be able to access, create and share work through for example Apps and voice to text programmes. This will increase their involvement and engagement with the whole class during lessons.
- In addition, with 15 iPad in total we will be able to use them in supporting whole class teaching, ensuring the whole class are following at the same rate and with the same material.”

We are always pleased to read how a project is versatile enough to help children of all abilities ranging from individuals and small groups to whole classes.

Hobletts Manor set wheels in motion.

We are pleased to be able to give the final contribution for a mini bus to Hobletts Manor Junior School.

Kelly Smith, School Business Manager, made a strong financial as well as academic/well being case for the minibus:

“At present we are spending most of our PE premium on transporting children to and from sporting fixtures and other inspiring events. We have a hugely proactive team of teaching staff who regularly book places on trips and sporting events in order to inspire ALL our children whether their enthusiasm lies in athleticism or academia. but this is coming at a huge cost to the school budget.”

The transport will be used for many activities, for example swimming trips for the NC certificate, regular sessions to a local boxing gym to help with behaviour and focus skills, local library visits and pupils working with local businesses.

EdufundUK do prefer to fund an entire project ourselves, or at least to be the majority contributor.  However, Hobletts Manor have made such huge efforts to get the rest of the funding in place and have clear plans to initiate this project quickly, that we were very happy to donate the last £1,000 to enable them to go ahead.

St Bernadette banish bullying

We are very pleased to fund a one-day, anti-bullying workshop for the whole school and parents at St Bernadette Catholic Primary School (St. Albans).

Jackie Caetano, (Business Manager), quoted part of St Bernadette’s mission statement: 

“Verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life that can extend into their adult life. By making small, simple changes, we can break this cycle and create a safe environment for everyone.”

Jackie went on to explain how the performance, workshop and resources will help:

“By buying into a one day workshop which extends to our parents and carers, we are showing our children that we are passionate in our belief that its by educating our children, young people, parents and carers together and that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying. We want to create an empowering, positive message addressing the fact that when it comes to bullying, change starts now not tomorrow.”

One-off performances and trips struggle to score well on our longevity criteria (i.e. how long will the project continue to generate benefits for different cohorts of pupils.)  However, the fact that this project benefitted the whole school and parents helped mitigate that and we were happy to fund such a vital area that not only benefits pupils’ wellbeing, but also enables them to learn more effectively in a safe environment.

Moss Bury take it outside!

We are delighted to award Moss Bury Primary and Nursery School an award for a wealth of outdoor activity equipment and also for magnification apparatus for science.

Moss Bury have a keen team of pupil “wellbeing ambassadors” who will use the outdoor resources for “activities including children being able to access art resources, creative dance equipment to promote creativity and team work, yoga mats so that the children can practise mindfulness breathing or yoga.”  The equipment includes such varied things as Art and craft workstations, parachute packs, dance pom poms and streamers and yoga mats.

As Emma Skinner, Teacher and Family Worker, explained in her application:

“The activities would be run by the children, for the children. Promoting leadership skills and wellbeing.”

The large range of magnifying equipment, from hand-held microscopes to binoculars, coupled with recordable talking clipboards will really promote an interest and competence in science.  As Emma wrote: 

“Having the science box of resources will support the spark and interest that the children have for science as this has been a subject that has been given focus in school. The children can have time to investigate their local surroundings and report back on what they find. The lunch time opportunities will be carefully linked to our learning commitment in science, these are linked to the 'working scientifically' skills. The children will have the chance to extend their classroom learning by having access to the science box and one of their peers to support. As staff we are encouraging more outdoor learning during our science lessons.”

Harvey Road have a pool party.

We are delighted to award Harvey Road Primary School (Croxley Green) a grant to help purchase a new permanent liner for their swimming pool.  We rarely contribute to large projects as we would rather the maximum £1,000 we can award facilitate a quickly implemented, discrete project that makes a big difference.   However, we made an exception in this case as Harvey Road was going to have to close their 50 year-old pool which was the last primary pool in the area and they had been working so hard to raise the funds to keep it open.  Once they had confirmed they had the rest of the funding in place, we were able to send our cheque to complete their project.

As Clare Wallis, School Business Manager, explained, the pool benefits a wide range of children, not just in Harvey Road School:

"We carried out a parent survey and 94.1% of parents would like us to keep the pool and therefore we are committed to raising the funds to support the refurbishments. We teach 210 children swimming every year and for 36% of those children, their only experience in a swimming pool are their lessons at school, which is an astonishingly high figure.

"In addition, by carrying out these refurbishments we will not only be able to provide swimming lessons for our children, but also provide access to the 3 other primary schools in Croxley Green (who are not as fortunate as us and do not have a swimming pool). We also intend to hire the pool to local community groups to enable a greater number of children to benefit from our facilities.”

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