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Inspiring Young Engineers

Tomorrow's Engineers Week is on NOW

The Big Assembly is on Wednesday 7th November

Tomorrow's Engineers week aims to change perceptions of engineering among young people and inspire future engineers. It will be showing how engineers are on a mission to make the world a better place by focussing on topics young people care about including saving the environment, animal welfare, staying safe, health and entertainment.

Visit their website for videos and blogs of engineers explaining their jobs and motivations, registering for their interactive assembly and other links and resources.

Pupil Competition Launched

Pupil Competition Launched!

Deadline 30th November 2018

Pupils design a poster or information sheet about any aspect of STEM, PE or Effective Learning to win

£25 (school winners) and £100 (county winners) for themselves and


for the county-wide winning school in each key stage.

See our competition page for details.

Coming Soon: Pupil Competition!

This term (Autumn 2018), we will be launching our first pupil competition in addition to our awards.  Students will show off their creativity,  knowledge and enthusiasm in an aspect of one of our focus areas (STEM, PE, Effective Learning) for a chance to win Amazon vouchers for themselves and a great opportunity for their school.

Watch this space for further information!

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 items (Page 1 of 1)