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FREE WEBINAR Developing Metacognitive Learners to 'Build Back Better'

Here are some details of a free webinar by Thinking Matters, an effective learning organisation we are developing links with...



Developing Metacognitive Learners
to 'Build Back Better'

Tuesday 27th April 4.00 - 4.30 pm
Thursday 06th May 4.00 - 4.30 pm

Politicians would have us believe that longer school days, shorter holidays and intense tutoring will solve the difficulties of the pandemic’s disadvantaged learners.  Research suggests there are more effective ways to build back better. 

Designed for MAT, School and Teaching & Learning Leaders this webinar will explore: 

→ The research: What works when it comes to pupil’s making progress and how that aligns with pupil wellbeing.

→ How this research can be developed as community practice through:         

                           - Developing a clear vision
                           - Building and empowering a Drive Team
                           - Developing a shared language

→ How to turn this research into classroom practice by:
                           - Selecting tools, strategies and building routines

Tues 27th April: Panelists:  Rose Cope, Headteacher, Hornbeam Primary School & Katie Robbins, Thinking Skills, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls.  Host:  Alisdair Wade, Thinking Matters.
Thurs 06th May: Panelists: Lyndsey Watkins, Headteacher Millbrook Primary School & Katie Robbins, Thinking Skills, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls.  Host: Paul Tyack, Thinking Matters.




TIME: 1.30pm to 2pm

Cost: FREE

Full details below:


Our Earth Story

Introduction to Geology for Primary School Children

This session is to introduce students to the concepts of Deep Geological Time, the age of the Earth, and it's formation; when Life appeared, and what it looked like; when animals appeared and what they first looked like. And then, when did we humans appear.

We introduce questions like: why do we have 2 legs and 2 arms, and not 7? Why 2 eyes? What is the oldest rock? What is the Moon made of? What is the oldest crawling creature? Who is our ancestor? 

Sandy has a collection of rocks and fossils to hold up and talk to which demonstrate key events. 

We will be using Microsoft Teams which has inbuilt safeguarding features as webcams and microphones are disabled and the Q&A is moderated. 

I hope you will be able to join us.

To book your place visit: 

If you have any questions or queries regarding the competition please e-mail: 

British Science Week (BSW) 5th - 14th March 2021

There are lots of FREE online events and activities being held online for this 10 day celebration of science.  As well as looking at the BSW website, do have a search for any specialist areas of interest as there is probably something being laid on.  For instance, here's some information we received from The Royal College of Pathologists.


Viruses and Vaccines – events and activities for schools and families

The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) is running an online discussion event about viruses, vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic for secondary school students during British Science Week. Join our panel of pathologists and scientists on 10 March:


The RCPath is also running a ‘Viruses and Vaccines’ art-science workshop via zoom on Saturday 13th March. Free and open to all: . The session will be led by science-based artist Dr Lizzie Burns. Lizzie will be joined by two infectious disease doctors. The activities and topics being featured will be relevant for teachers and students, as well as families so please do share the link with whoever might be interested.


Do also have a look at our STEM Resource pages for other events and resources for BSW and beyond.

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